…and we’re back! Freshly rejuvenated from Sonar, we’re back in full force and ready for the summer. In this issue of the mobilee inside edition we take a look back at Sonar 2009 while looking forward to mobilee in Ibiza, new releases on mobilee and Leena, an interview with the newest addition to the mobilee roster, plenty of mixes and sets for download and much more.

mobilee says enjoy!

mobilee News
copyright chris james edwards 2009

¬ mobilee at sonar 2009: a retrospective

A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported us during Sonar—we couldn’t have done it without you. Our rooftop party in conjunction with Beatport as well as our public showcase at WIP were incredibly successful; we hope you had as much fun as we did.

For those of you who didn’t manage to make it to Barcelona this year, don’t worry: we’ve set up an audio stream of our rooftop party featuring Hector, And.Id, GummiHz and Pan-Pot for all of you to enjoy. We’ve also got some cool photo coverage to check out below.

View image gallery 1 - copyright Marcin Petkowicz 2009 - pon-check.com

View image gallery 2 - copyright Chris James Edwards 2009


¬ exercise one team up with ableton at sonar

Despite what many may think, Sonar is much more than a week of partying: it also includes extensive conferences, panels, and presentations on various components of the music industry. This year, mobilee's own Exercise One were invited to demonstrate the unique ways in which the duo integrate Ableton into their live sets and use it as a production tool. Throughout the presentation, Marco Freivogel and Ingo Gansera displayed how they use Ableton in conjunction with other gear and plug-ins, starting from the creation of a basic dance-oriented loop and ending with a full-on showcase of their live set.

You can catch Exercise One live and in action as they continue their tour in support of their debut album In Cars We Rust. For the rest of you, we've got some stellar pictures of the duo in "business-mode" below for you to check out.


Listen to and buy Exercise One’s album In Cars We Rust


¬ mobilee in ibiza: meganite at privilege

Exercise One have been rocking dancefloors around Europe on their live tour in support of their debut album, In Cars We Rust. After shaking things up at the mobilee showcase at WIP, the hard-hitting duo played at the opening of Meganite at Privilege, Ibiza alongside Mauro Picotto and Adam Beyer.

But that’s not all: we’ve got two other showcases at the “world’s biggest club” lined up for the summer. August 26th will see GummiHz and Miss Jools playing in Coco Loco while Anja Schneider, Dan Curtin, and Ralf Kollmann will be stopping by on the 16th of September.




¬ marcin czubala joins global fresh collective

On the 26th of June, Marcin Czubala participated in the Global Fresh Collective, a collection of visual artists, designers, and DJs from around the world, who convened in New York City to explore the ways in which “collaboration between music, the visual arts, design and technology can influence and fuel creative output.”

This event was—in the words of the organizers—“a day of future-gazing and stimulating discussions in front of media from around the world. It will be a day when we debate and discuss some of the hottest topics around today, when we learn from each other and hear views from around the world and across cultures.”

Marcin recently did an episode of the podcast for us featuring tracks by the likes of Nick Curly, Alex Niggemann, and Wolf+Lamb.

Stream and download mobilee records podcast 006: Marcin Czubala
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¬ mobilee touch mix iphone app is everybody´s darling

mobilee recently teamed up with Future Audio Workshop to release a mobilee edition of their Touch Mix application for the iPhone. The application allows iPhone users to mix 10 exclusive tracks by assorted mobilee artists and is available via the iTunes App Store.



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Freshly Squeezed on mobilee

mobilee053 - marcin czubala - mezcalinna

Following the success of his last LP, Chronicles of Never, and his recent track „Jedwab“ on Nick Curly’s 8bit imprint, Marcin Czubala makes his return to mobilee with Mezcalinna. Continuing his string of exceptional releases bearing his unmistakable signature marks—slinky, undulating grooves full of bizarre twists and turns that ceaselessly continue to surprise the listener—Mezcalinna is comprised of two tracks whose continuities only serve to highlight the ways in which they differentiate themselves from and act as complements to one another.

Buy now at beatport




leena 011 - rodriguez jr. - kids of hula

Hailing from Montpellier, Rodriguez Jr. makes his return to Leena with “Kids Of Hula,” bringing the coastal sounds of his hometown along with him. After the success of “Rubbo Swingo”, his first release on Leena, Rodriguez Jr.—who also comprises half of F Communications’ The Youngsters—went on to release records for Boxer Recordings and Mothership. On Leena’s 11th release, he has returned for a second round, once again displaying his softer side as a housey, psychedelic producer.

Buy now at beatport



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Special Feature - Rodriguez Jr.
Anja Schneider

Special Feature - Rodriguez Jr.

Rodriguez Jr. may be the newest act to sign to the mobilee roster, but he’s no stranger to the electronic dance music scene. Rodriguez Jr. (real name Olivier Mateu) hails from France and started off his career as one half of F Communications’ techno duo The Youngsters. We sat down with Mateu to talk about his musical history and roots, what “Rodriguez Jr.” really means, and playing in front of 35,000 Brazilian ravers

Tell me a little bit about your relationship with mobilee and how it started—I hear there’s a good story behind it.

I first met Anja and Ralf quite some time ago when I was touring with my other project The Youngsters. We went to Anja’s radio show „Dance Under the Blue Moon“ for an interview and a live mix session. After that we did a couple gigs together with Anja and had a lot of fun touring around Germany and ended up doing a remix for Anja’s very first EP. Germany actually still remains my favorite place to play at the moment—the scene is definitely the most exciting and I love the vibes in all the different clubs…Watergate, Berghain, Weekend…I could play there every week (laughs).

Definitely. Can you talk a little bit more about why you decided to start working under the Rodriguez Jr. moniker and how it differs from your previous project, The Youngsters?

Well, you know, when you're in a band you always have to compromise and Rodriguez Jr. is a way to escape this and work within my own universe, with my own recipes and my own influences. I think the sound of Rodriguez Jr. is quite introverted, intimate and personal whereas The Youngsters are much more extroverted and audience-oriented. I mean, in a way both draw on similar influences—particularly those from Detroit—but I use them in a very different way for each project.

Speaking of influences, who would you say are your big ones?

I love a messy mix of things: Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson and the melancholic sounds of Detroit but also a lot of the sexier flavors from Chicago and the early house music scene. In terms of more contemporary stuff, I find myself fascinated by artists like Villalobos and Luciano. I’m also a big fan of the early stuff on Warp—Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, etc.—from a melodic perspective.

Going back to the idea of this Rodriguez Jr. moniker, is there a particular relationship between the name and the music you create?

Well, in a way the main idea behind the project was produce music in a fresh and personal way and the name kind of reflects that. My father is Spanish and I knew I wanted to integrate a Spanish name—Luciano and Martinez were already taken (laughs). And the “Jr.” part is a nod to The Youngsters. So I think the name definitely reflects my history, both personally as well as musically.

Where are you from originally by the way?

Well, I’m currently located in Belgium but am originally from the south of France in Montpellier. I moved here because someone told me that a lot of rain every day is good for producing music, so I thought I’d give it a try (laughs). But seriously, I moved here a couple of years ago because of a girl and ended up staying here and starting a family which ended up being a great decision—I now have a two year old daughter who is absolutely amazing and who is definitely one of my main inspirations.

Growing up in France did you find yourself involved with the electronic music scene there at the time?

I discovered my first electronic sounds with Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode in the 80s and eventually stumbled upon the early acid house scene, LFO, Warp and all that crazy shit…it was a revolution! Then I began to discover the night; my first rave was in ‘95 in Nimes—it was called Borealis—and I realized it was what I wanted to do.

Yeah--I think for a lot of people that first rave experience always has a big impact. So when did you begin creating music?

My first contact with a keyboard was at the age of six when I started to learn the piano. Then I had my first experience working with computers and synthesizers when I was at school…I just remember this absolutely huge mess in my room! It became serious around ’93-’94 when I got my first decent synth: a Roland JD 800 which I was using with an Atari ST. Then I met Gil (the other Youngster) in ‘98 and we developed really quickly, partially I think because we shared so many influences—we eventually signed to F Communications in 2000. Officially, I started this moniker in 2006 with my first EP on F Comm…then Anja had told me about her Leena project so I sent her a couple of tracks and eventually released “Soledad” which is, in a way, the real beginning of Rodriguez Jr. as well as of a relationship with mobilee—which I’m really proud of and excited to be a part of the mobilee family.

What do you expect to follow as a result of focusing more on your Rodriguez Jr. project and becoming part of the mobilee roster?

Well I’m going to keep on looking for and developing my own sound and musical recipes; this moniker has given me a new wave of energy and freedom to produce anything I want. I’m going to keep producing heavily and releasing and trying to build something that perhaps reflects a wider spectrum of influences. I’ve got a couple of nice parties in July planned that I’m looking forward to—Resolute in New York and Rex Club in Paris—where I’ll be playing live; I’ve been playing primarily live with this moniker because that’s my background--I’m a musician who became a DJ so that’s my preference.

What are you currently listening to? Any recent acts that you are particularly digging?

I think Holger Zilske is currently one the best producers, so I’ve been listening to his new album at a lot at home. I also love Harmonic 313 on Warp...a mix of old school computer sounds, hip hop, retro futurism. Absolutely great.

One final question—what’s your favorite, funniest or craziest moment as an artist?

The most amazing moment for me was the Skol Beats festival in Sao Paulo where we played after Jeff Mills during sunrise in front of 35,000 crazy Brazilian people…in terms of funny or crazy stories there are too many for me to choose just one! You know when you travel and play in clubs…anything can happen.



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mobilee Podcast
pan pot

mobilee Podcast 007: Hector

Episode seven of the mobilee records podcast comes courtesy of Hector, a recent addition to the roster who has already proven himself both as a DJ and a producer. He currently holds residencies at London’s Dig Your Own Rave and Kubicle nights and recently rocked the dancefloors of both mobilee parties at Sonar. His debut for mobilee "Got Fringe?" was released last month to particularly warm reception and he continues to stun audiences by balancing his will to experiment with a commitment to the founding spirit of house music.

In a special episode of the podcast we are pleased to present a live recording of Hector at mobilee's rooftop party at Hotel Diagonal, Barcelona during Sonar 2009. mobilee says enjoy!

Subscribe to the mobilee records podcast via iTunes.

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mobilee at the Clubs


  • Marcin Czubala – mobilee @ Candy Summer / Athens / GR
  • Miss Jools – mobilee @ Candy Summer / Athens / GR


  • Dan Curtin – mobilee @ Harry Klein / München / DE
  • And.id – mobilee @ Harry Klein / München / DE
  • Anja Schneider – Made in Italy @ Amnesia / Ibiza / ES
  • Exercise One – Sinergia / Oliveira do Hospital / PT
  • GummiHz – Skyline / Los Cabos / MX


  • GummiHz – Mondo Lounge / Mazatlan / MX
  • Exercise One – Frau Marleen / Torre del Lago / IT


  • Anja Schneider – Our Terrassa Boat / Paris / FR


  • Anja Schneider – Candy Summer / Athens / GR


  • Dan Curtin – Panorama Bar / Berlin / DE


  • Pan-Pot – NON Summer Sessions @ Lithoro Beach / Thessaloniki / GR
  • Anja Schneider – mobilee @ Fabric / London / UK
  • Exercise One – mobilee @ Fabric / London / UK
  • GummiHz – Eco Beach / Tulum / MX
  • Ralf Kollmann – Frau Marleen / Torre del Lago / IT


  • GummiHz – Cookies / Berlin / DE


  • Pan-Pot – Watergate / Berlin / DE
  • Anja Schneider – mobilee @ Angels of Love / Barcelona / ES
  • Miss Jools – mobilee @ Angels of Love / Barcelona / ES


  • Sebo K – Trouw / Amsterdam / NL
  • Hector – Rioma / Mexico City / MX


  • Anja Schneider – mobilee @ Suburban Festival / Mallorca / ES
  • Marcin Czubala – mobilee @ Suburban Festival / Mallorca / ES
  • Hector - Buddha Bar / Los Cabos / MX
  • Miss Jools – Suxul / Ingolstadt / DE
  • Pan-Pot – Op Art / Lisabon / PT
  • Sebo K – Chica Linda / Melendungo / IT


  • Anja Schneider – mobilee @ Echoes / Riccione / IT
  • Exercise One – mobilee @ Echoes / Riccione / IT
  • Hector - Blue Parrot beach club / Playa del Carmen / MX
  • Pan-Pot (Thomas) – Catwalk / Rotterdam / NL
  • Miss Jools – Private / Puglia / IT
  • Rodriguez Jr. - Rex Club / Paris / FR


  • Anja Schneider – mobilee @ La Capannina / Liguria / IT
  • GummiHz – mobilee @ La Capannina / Liguria / IT


  • Anja Schneider – Parking / Montreal / CA
  • Hector – Bar Americas / Guadalajara / MX


  • Marcin Czubala – Chica Linda / Melendungo / IT
  • Miss Jools – Club Colors / Nagoya / JP


  • Anja Schneider – Save the Cannibal @ Rebel / New York / US
  • Miss Jools – Bird’s Eye View / Shizuoka / JP
  • Pan-Pot – FLZ / Zossen Ot Klausdorf / DE


  • Anja Schneider – Listed / Chicago / US
  • Pan-Pot – Fetisch / Athens / GR


  • Hector - Altitude / Ciudad Juarez / MX
  • Sebo K – Electric Avenue / Wateford / UK
  • Pan-Pot - Planetarium / Wien / AT

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mobilee DJ-Charts


  1. Pagal, Mihai Popoviciu, Jay Bliss - Set You Up / Level Non Zero
  2. Ekkohaus - Not Trying To / Brut
  3. Justin Martin - The Sad Piano (Charles Webster Remix) / Buzzin’ Fly Records
  4. Unknown – It’s the Lizard King / White
  5. Carl Craig - Angel Remixes / Planet E
  6. Mike Shannon - Sweets / Wagon Repair
  7. Brendon Moeller - Anchor / Blind Stitch
  8. Robag Whrume - Ruptur Oing / Vakant
  9. Moritz Piske - Dirt Cabana / Salon
  10. District One - Dub Crystal / 100% Pure

Anja Schneider

  1. Digitaline - Seeking Attention / Cityfox
  2. Pan-Pot - Confronted / mobilee
  3. Edwin Osterwald and Warren Fello - Hotlips / Rejected
  4. Varoslav - We Also Want / Dirt Crew
  5. Rodriguez Jr. – Kids of Hula / Leena
  6. Marcel Janovsky – Okay (Kerouc Mix) / Treibstoff
  7. Zev - This Feeling / Wolf & Lamb
  8. Audiowerner - Ulip / Minibar
  9. Samuel L Session - Can You Relate (Anja Schneider Remix) / Soma
  10. Glimpse and Alex Jones - True Friends / Kindisch

Dan Curtin

  1. Theo Parrish - Space Station / Sound Signature
  2. Hector - Got Fringe? / Mobilee
  3. QuiTeFrut - At Some Point EP (Phil Weeks and Didier Allyne Remix) / Bosconi
  4. Geheimtipp1 / White
  5. Ican - Make it Hot / Ican
  6. Cabin Fever Trax Vol 4 / Beyond Control
  7. Pierce and Jeri – Amourette / Get Digital
  8. Monika Kruse - Changes of Perception (2000 and One Remix) / Terminal M
  9. DJ Dove - Roots and Culture / Below
  10. Santos - Hold Home / Moon Harbour

Exercise One

  1. Prefuse 73 - Simple Loop Choir / Warp
  2. Silicon Soul - Dust Ballad II / Soma
  3. Christian Vogel - Much Love (Vocal Mix) / Snork Enterprises
  4. Exercise One - Trapdoor / mobilee
  5. Robag Whrume - Fufo 2 / Vakant
  6. Len Faki - BX3 / Ostgut Ton
  7. Khainz - Distance (Exercise One Remix) / Kumquat Music
  8. Martyn - Seventy Four / 3024
  9. Brian Sanhaji - Stereotype (Cari Lekebusch Remix 1) / CLR
  10. Gez Varley - G11 (Nadja Lind Remix) / GMR Records


  1. Minos Pour Main Basse - Le patron est Devenu Fou! / Different
  2. Fallout - The Morning After / 4th Floor
  3. Angel Moraes - 23 Minutes of Your Love / Hot n Spicy
  4. DJ Ali - You Don't Know / Classic
  5. Carl Craig - Angel (Jerome Sydenham's Vocal Dub) / Planet E
  6. Culoe De Song - African Subway / Innervisions
  7. Argy & TMB - Who Made Who / These Days
  8. Alexander Ross - Radian / Deeply Rooted House
  9. Hector - Taking Me for a Ride / mobilee
  10. GummiHz - High on Percussion / Earthrumental Music

Marcin Czubala

  1. Marcin Czubala - Mezcalinna / mobilee
  2. Veitengruber - Big Love / 8bit
  3. Sebo K & Metro - Saxtrack / Cecille
  4. Marek Hemmann - Inessa / Freude Am Tanzen
  5. Gavin Herlihy - 26 Miles / Cadenza
  6. Vera - All That Glitters / Cargo Edition
  7. D Dub - Do That Rhymin' Thang (Marcin Czubala Remix) / Noir Music
  8. Joris Voorn - Sweep the Floor / Rejected
  9. Julianj Sanza - Bolumen / Rebirth
  10. Anthea & Alex Celler - The Playmaker (Dyed Soundroom Remix) / Freak N'Chic

Miss Jools

  1. Anthea and Alex Cellar – Playmaker (Dyed Soundroom Remix) / Freak N Chic
  2. Kiki – Good Voodoo (Chaim Remix) / Bpitch
  3. Shonky – Chocotox / Contexterrior
  4. Wesen & Khaan – Journey to Afrika (Miss Jools Remix) / Tanzbar Music
  5. Jamy Wing – Cuenca / Einmaleins
  6. Vera – Jump the Hump (Miss Fitz Dub the Hump Remix) / Cargo Edition
  7. Dan Curtin – Other (Push Remix) / mobilee
  8. Francisco Allendes & Marcelo Rosselot – El Grillo, El Indie Y El Robot / Cadenza
  9. Miss Jools – Pixie on the Run EP / Catwash
  10. Ernie – Skywarp / Morris Audio Citysport Edition

Ralf Kollmann

  1. Rodriguez Jr. / Kids Of Hula / Leena Music
  2. Marcin Czubala / Mezcalinna - Day 1 / mobilee
  3. Nick Curly / Pujante / Cocoon
  4. Ray Okpara / Ebele ep / Cecille
  5. Style Of Eye / The Race ep / Dirtybird
  6. Voodeux / Just A Spoonful / Mothership
  7. Vincenzo vs. Alexi Delano / The Lab / Pokerflat
  8. Sercan / Acuerdate / Mitu
  9. Christian Burkhardt / Lipstick ep / Raum
  10. Dan Curtin / Other / cdr


  1. Blagger - Strange Behaviour (DJ Koze Remix) / Perspectiv Records
  2. Brothers Vibe & Mark Broom - Mind/Feeling (youANDme Edit) / Platzhirsch
  3. Dustin Zahn - Stranger / Rekids
  4. Hector - Got Fringe? / mobilee
  5. Christian Vogel - Mungo / Snork Enterprise
  6. Juan Kue, David Padilla - Willys / Overline Records
  7. Len Faki - BX3 / Ostgut Ton
  8. Beckers, D-Nox - Cala a Boca / Sprout
  9. Vitalic - La Rock 01 / Different
  10. Joris Voorn - Sweep the Floor / Rejected

Rodriguez Jr.

  1. The Result / Niagara Ep / Catenaccio
  2. Alexkid / El Cinco / Cadenza
  3. Rodriguez Jr / Offshore / Leena music
  4. Marcin Czubala / Mezcalinna ep / Mobilee
  5. Glimpse / True Friends / Kindisch
  6. Shonky / Chocotox / Contexterrior
  7. Moodymanc / Dubba Dub / Dessous
  8. Holger Zilske / Holz Lp / Playhouse
  9. Rodriguez Jr / the Dark / Systematic
  10. Micromatic Vs Kliment / Reconstellation / Absolutive

Sebo K

  1. Mathew Johnson – When Love Feels Like Crying / Wagon Repair
  2. Mdm– Third Hand Smoke / Laid 002
  3. Precious System – Voice from Planet Love / Running Back
  4. Sebo K & Metro – Saxtrack / Cecille
  5. Theo Parrish – Going Through Changes / Sound Signature
  6. Mirko Loko – On Fire / Cadenza
  7. Santos – Hold Me / Moon Harbour
  8. Unknown – It’s the Lizard King / White
  9. Audion – Look at the Moon / Spectral
  10. Kerri Chandler – Open Sources / Deeply Rooted House

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