Summer has officially come to a close but don't let that get you down--we've got plenty in store for you this fall. This month we take a look at upcoming mobilee and Leena showcases in Berlin and Amsterdam, sit down to chat with, preview the newest releases on mobilee and Leena, and more.

mobilee says enjoy!

mobilee News

¬ mobilee at Saturday Adventure Club

Join mobilee and our friends Minus, Desolat, and Innervisions as we welcome the the Adventure Club back to Berlin on Saturday, the 19th of September. The Adventure continues... This year the Saturday Adventure Club will open its doors again in Berlin to go on with it's musical journey. If you missed the special atmosphere last year, then here is your chance to be part of our continuing adventure! An event made by friends for friends, where the community comes together in celebration of all things electronic! Lean back and relax, or better yet, step up and prepare to party at this special indoor multi-room event. Minus, Desolat, mobilee, Innervisions, and Freude am Tanzen. Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Marco Carola and Anja Schneider just to name a few. Enjoy this special event on 4 floors and an open-air chill out area.

The adventure continues until the sun comes up over Berlin...

For full line-up, ticket details and event info visit the official Saturday Adventure Club website.
Saturday Adventure Club on Facebook


¬ Leena Label Night at Rechenzentrum/Funkpark, Berlin

Originally developed in 2007 as the sector of mobilee committed to guest appearances, Leena has since continued to evolve, bringing with it a slew of VIP talent and a sonic direction of its own. Join us on the 11th of September when we present the first Leena label night at Rechenzentrum/Funkpark in Berlin featuring a live performance by Russ Gabriel and DJ sets from Dan Curtin, Falko Brocksieper, Miss Jools, and Ralf Kollmann.

Leena Label Night on Facebook
Leena Label Night on Resident Advisor



¬ mobilee vs. BlaBla at the Amsterdam Dance Event

Both an international electronic music conference and an epic club festival, the Amsterdam Dance Event draws over 90,000 fans, 2,000 industry professionals, and 700 DJs and acts to the Netherlands every October. This year mobilee will be teaming up with Bla Bla Records and Deep Vibes recordings for a special showcase on Thursday, October 22nd.

Bla Bla

Daniel Sanchez

El Mundo & Satori
Paco Osuna
Roderik Flohil
Wietse Smit
Wouter de Moor
Live: Olene Kadar


mobilee special guest
Ralf Kollmann

Deep Vibes

Robert Dietz
Sascha Dive

More info

Thursday, October 22nd 23:00
M.S. Stubnitz
Stubnitz/ NDSM docks, Amsterdam, Netherlands
€12 (in advance from or


¬ Anja Schneider Remixes Paul Brtschitsch

Paul Brtschitsch's most recent album Me, Myself and Live was released earlier this year on his own imprint Rootknox but the three-part vinyl version is fresh off the press, complete with a remix of album opener 'Three Weeks' courtesy of mobilee co-founder and DJ Anja Schneider. Paul and Anja have collaborated together before--most notably on Anja's debut album Beyond the Valley--but this is the first time Anja's taken the opportunity to remould one of Paul's own tracks.

Paul Brtschitsch - Three Weeks - Anja Schneider Remix on Rootknox



¬ In other news

¬ DJmag Top 100 - vote for your favorite mobilee artists!

DJmag's annual Top 100 DJs poll has begun-vote now for your favorite DJs from mobilee and other purveyors of high quality music! Your votes count - don't give trance the chance this year.

¬ mobilee in the Groove ...

... No.4 Pan Pot 'Confronted', No.10 Rodriguez Jr. 'Kids of Hula

¬ SAE Berlin is starting a new workshop series.

Its called "meet the professionals" and Pan-Pot are doing the kick off on the 24th of Sept. 2009. more info at

¬ Download shop Zero-Inch introduces videos.

Watch Exercise one feat. Argenis Brito - No News Today.

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Freshly Squeezed on mobilee

mobilee055 - - first talk

After hitting his stride in 2008 with his debut for mobilee "One Is Not Enough" followed by "Sand on the Floor," the one-man phenomenon is back for a third round with "First Talk", an enthralling tech-house release that is as boundless as it is stunning. Combining vintage synths and reverb-laced loops, meticulously plays with dynamics and atmospherics with the end result being a release that constantly moves forward without sounding the least bit rushed.

Buy now at beatportBuy now at WhatpeopleplayBuy now at Junodownload



leena 012 - russ gabriel - parsec

Russ Gabriel joined forces with mobilee in 2008 with his release entitled "The Fall Guy" and now he's back with "Parsec"-or for those of you who skipped science class, the equivalent of 3.26 light years. The aptly named A-side takes its time as well, with clicky bleeps of melody that wobble to-and-fro, constantly fading in and out on incredibly minute levels as the track calmly progresses at a comfortable pace.

Buy now at beatport


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Upcoming Releases

mobilee056 - Dan Curtin - Other

Earlier this year Dan Curtin made his debut on mobilee with Beat Fiend, a release that-as the title might suggest-placed a primacy on funky grooves, with melody taking the backseat to swirling and rolling percussion. As is typical of a man who refuses to be locked into one style or sound, Curtin's newest release sees him heading in a new, exciting direction, demonstrating his unique ability to anthologize over fifteen years of electronic music in the bounds of a single track. Mobilee 056 will be released on the 14th of September.



¬ GummiHz Releases Sleepless Nights Double EP

It's been a while since we've heard any releases from our man GummiHz but come October he will release a two-part EP series on mobilee entitled Sleepless Nights. A double 12" package released in two parts, the vinyl will contain five tracks and will also be available as a nine-track digital bundle with four bonus tracks. Alternatingly retro and futuristic, this double EP series is a portrait of GummiHz as an artist from a variety of angles, which we've only seen fragments of up until now.

mobilee057 & 058 - GummiHz - Sleepless Nights pt. 1 & 2 by Mobilee records


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five Questions with And.Id

five Questions with And.Id

You're currently in the studio working with a bunch of jazz musicians on a project-can you tell me about this and what your role is exactly?

Well what we've been doing is creating jazz versions of some of the more melodic tracks of mobilee. Pretty much what happens is we sit down and discuss the track, then we jam and see what happens. I explain to my musicians how I would like them to play-of course they compose as well because I need their creativity. At the end I get all of the recordings, edit them and do the arrangement.

When you are discussing musical plans with the musicians working in the studio and arranging the composition is your goal more to recreate the tracks or to create a new version of them?

Both, I would say. I'm definitely taking the basic element of a track-but I'm trying to push it further in a more musical direction using real instruments and musicians instead of plugins and four to the floor beats. I'm trying to give the tracks a different perspective-that of jazz.

Do you have a background in jazz music? How did this interest in jazz develop?

I really like jazz music but I was never so much into performing it. Nonetheless, I was fascinated by jazz musicians and their never-ending musical chats. I used to go to jazz concerts with my father when I was young-and I still do. I cannot play jazz-but I have the right people do it for me [laughs].

Are there any jazz records or artists that stick out in your mind as influences?

Well the thing is it's not only "jazz"--it's also mixture of bossa nova and free style. Plus there's the re-editing process for the records-at the moment I'm getting really deep into a few records, listening to them heavily and trying to analyze them. In terms of names I've been listening to a lot of UFO stuff, Azymouth, the Xavier Trio, LL Smith, the list goes on and on.

Azymouth is great.

Yeah! I'm in love with older stuff from them-and I keep watching their live performances on YouTube. When we have the final product ready and are happy with it we are hoping to get a live set together.

Who are the other musicians involved in this project?

The basic members are me, a bassist, a drummer, and a keyboard player. The bassist (Francesco Paolo D'Andrea) is from Italy but has been living in Greece for quite some time. He used to travel Europe playing in punk bands and also lived in Berlin while the wall was still up. The drummer (Basilis Bacharidis) is one of the best drummers in Greece-he's currently playing in 10 different bands, including one where there are 15 people on stage. The keyboard player (Tasos Korkovelos) just came back from Berklee College in Boston and will be continuing his studies in London. We also do sessions with other musicians-such as the trumpet player-when we need them.

So whose idea was this initially and how exactly did this project come about?

I was at the mobilee office and I was discussing my next mobilee release 'First Talk' with Anja-that was in March-and she told me that she was thinking about having me do the next Back to Back. She asked me to think about it and let her know. So after 2-3 weeks I came back to the office with this idea. Anja and Ralf were surprised but they told me to go for it. I made a demo, they loved it and we continued to do this. I've always wanted to work on something like this-using real musicians-and I'm very happy that I've finally had the opportunity to do it.

You've also been working on a festival in Greece, right?

Right. It's called in the Reworks Festival and it takes place on the 18th and 19th of September and it's a project that I'm working on with my colleagues from NON, this collective of artists based out of Greece. This year is the fifth edition of the festival-which takes place in Thessaloniki-and every year we work really hard to achieve the best result. Music-wise there are DJs and live performers from all of the world performing in a variety of styles of music. Art-wise we have art galleries, video installations from independent artists from around the world, etc. It's held in an old factory complex that has been renovated and which has four music stages, art galleries, a market. This year we're also having a film showcase...things are coming along nicely.

Your third release on mobilee--'First Talk'--is notably different than your first two. Can you talk about the differences?

Well there's no use of trumpet for starters. I had used trumpet on the first two records and didn't want to make the same thing again. So this time I used a different element-vocal samples-and didn't use so much percussion. I'd like to think that every record is a step forward from the previous one-or at least an expansion. Another basic difference was that all the tracks were produced in Berlin whereas all my previous records were produced in Thessaloniki [Greece].

Do you think that Berlin had an influence on your musical direction and that your new tracks reflect that difference?

In a way, yes...but I would say that the way of life of Berlin in general had a big influence-not just the music itself. The clubs in Berlin were a big influence-you go to places like Panorama Bar and both the place and the music that comes from there seems to stick with you for days. You go out and when you come back home your head is full of new ideas.


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mobilee Podcast

mobilee Podcast 010 - And.Id

After his third record on mobilee 'First Talk' was released earlier last month, we figured it was time to have step in for a podcast, and he's delivered the goods: an hour-long live set recorded from his studio. His acclaimed live act integrates both released and unreleased productions, loops, and live use of instruments into an incomparably high-energy affair.

mobilee says enjoy!

mobilee podcast 010 And.Id by Mobilee records


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mobilee at the Clubs


  • Anja Schneider & Dan Curtin - mobilee @ Angels of Love at Arenile / Naples / IT
  • Miss Jools - Club Hive / Zurich / CH


  • & GummiHz - mobilee showcase @ En Techno / Athens / GR
  • Anja Schneider & Miss Jools - mobilee @ Ubel & Gefaehrlich / Hamburg / DE
  • Exercise One - Panorama Bar / Berlin / DE
  • Hector - Back to Basics / Leeds / UK
  • Marcin Czubala - D-Edge / Brasil / BR
  • Pan-Pot (Tassilo) - Panorama Bar / Berlin / DE
  • Pan-Pot (Thomas) - 18 Months / Freiburg / DE
  • Sebo K - Estasis / Sardinia / IT


  • Pan-Pot - Juice Summer at Molo Club / Marghera (Venezia) / IT


  • Anja Schneider - Zouk Club / Singapore / SG
  • Dan Curtin, Miss Jools, Ralf Kollmann & Russ Gabriel - Leena Label Night @ Rechenzentrum / Berlin / DE
  • Pan-Pot (Tassilo) - Club 180 Grad /Aschaffenburg / DE


  • Anja Schneider - Womb / Tokyo / JP
  • Pan-Pot - Infinity Festival / Almere Buiten / NL


  • Anja Schneider, Dan Curtin & Ralf Kollmann - mobilee showcase @ Meganite at Privilege / Ibiza / ES


  • Hector - Luminocity @ Hub 1 / London / UK
  • Pan-Pot (Tassilo) - High Life / Goes / NL


  • Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot, Hector, Marcin Czubala & Rodriguez Jr. - Saturday Adventure Club / Berlin / DE
  • - Reworks Festival / Thessaloniki / GR
  • Dan Curtin - Electronic Wave @ Living Room / Lugano / CH
  • Miss Jools - Hardpop / Cd. Juarez / MX
  • Pan-Pot - Schloss / Dargun / DE


  • Miss Jools - Bar Americas / Guadalajara / MX
  • GummiHz - WIP / Barcelona / ES


  • Anja Schneider - Spray Club / Pristina / KO
  • Pan-Pot - Take 7 Festival / Porto / PT
  • Sebo K - Pressure @ The Arches / Glasgow / UK


  • Anja Schneider & Exercise One - mobilee showcase @ at Blau / Saabrucken / DE
  • Miss Jools - Nektahr / Mexico City / MX
  • Pan-Pot - Bypass @ Waagenbau / Hamburg / DE
  • Ralf Kollmann - Schmiedegrund see / Neusund / DE
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mobilee DJ-Charts


  1. Gummihz / East from Savanna / Real Tone
  2. Wax / 2002 / wax
  3. Moodymann / Anotha black Sunday / MPT
  4. Mo Joe & Marlow / Gorge & Andre H / Look Over Feel / Marashi / Objektivity
  5. / First Talk / Mobilee
  6. Tolga Fidan / So long paris / vakant lmd
  7. Jc Freaks / Dub praise (the revenge rmx) / Phonica records
  8. Dan Curtin / other / Mobilee
  9. D.Diggler / decade one / Level non zero
  10. Gregor Tresher / The life wire part 1 / Break new soil

Anja Schneider

  1. Dave Turov / Jazz Hands / CSM
  2. GummiHz feat. Emena / Sleepness Nights / mobilee
  3. Horacio / Durango / Cynosure
  4. 2000 And One / Burning Dub - D'Julz Mix / 100 % Pure
  5. Dan Curtin / Other / mobilee
  6. Chaim / Peer Pressure / Supplement Facts
  7. Gary Beck / Over To You / Bek
  8. Silicon Soul / Language Of Soul - Nivek Tsoy Remix / Soma
  9. Adam beyer / Something Good To Die For / Mad Eye
  10. Kiki / Immortal - Anja Schneider Mix / Bpitch Control

Dan Curtin

  1. Dam Funk / Galactic Fun / Stones Throw
  2. And.ID / First Talk / Mobilee
  3. Jus Ed / Step Up / UQ
  4. Ben Rourke/Pierre Bucci / Blue / Autoreply After Hours Edition
  5. Russ Gabriel / Parsec / Leena
  6. MXM / Dislocated Science EP / Amp Art
  7. Psycotron / Deeper Shades of Black / Planet e
  8. Rampa / Man / Keinemuzik
  9. Eddie Leader feat. Red Eye / Brace Yourself / Huddtraxx
  10. Bernard Badie / Move to the Beat / Mojuba

Exercise One

  1. Jacopo Carreras / Act & Play / Lan Muzic
  2. Alva Noto / Monophaser / Raster / Noton
  3. Mathew Jonson / When Love Feels Like Crying / Wagon Repair
  4. Mount Kimbie / Sketch on A Glass / Hot Flush
  5. Brian Sanhaji / Magnetar / rheinTime Records
  6. Ben Klock / Subzero (Function Regis aka Sandwell District Remix) / Ostgut Ton
  7. Untitled / Wax / Wax
  8. Ad.Mark & Tolis Q / Part Of Her (Exercise One Remix)
  9. Clark / Suns Of Temper / Warp
  10. Exercise One / 1994 / Mobilee


  1. Hector / La Buena Onda / 8bit
  2. Anthea & Celler / Down With g.o.d / Tuning Spork
  3. SiS /Barbarosa / Cecille
  4. Lemos Kalooo / Bass Culture
  5. Horacio / Durango / Cynosure
  6. Soul tourist / Wild Cats / Drumpoet Community
  7. Soulphiction & Move D /The Limelight / Philpot
  8. Mountain People / Mountai 008 / Mountain People
  9. Dan Curtin / Other / mobilee
  10. Varoslav / Party Boy (Okaine Rmx) / Composite

Marcin Czubala

  1. Jacek & Ricardo / Pilgrim / Pilgrim
  2. Wax / No 20002 / Hardwax
  3. Ronan Portela / Beat Up / Foundsound
  4. Vivanco & Venegas / Anaweke / Supernature
  5. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts / Bada Bing / Oslo
  6. Lemos / Kalooo / Bass Culture
  7. Dan Curtin / Other (Push Mix) / Mobilee
  8. Jacek Sienkiewicz / Modern Dance / Recognition
  9. Luciano / Africa Sweat / Cadenza
  10. Paul Brtschitsch / Three Weeks (Anja Schneider rmx) / Rootknox

Miss Jools

  1. Rocco / Fuck Da Day (Main Mix) / Real Tone Records
  2. No Regular Play / Smiling Faces (Digital Only) / Wolf & Lamb
  3. Phage / High Five (Original Mix) / Highgrade
  4. Alex Picioni & Kay Sands / Black Room / Mixworks
  5. Dan Curtin / Other (Push Mix) / Mobilee
  6. Deetron / Orange / Music Man
  7. Reggie Hammond / Pleasemachine /(George P Remix) / Diaphan
  8. Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner / Chiller / Supdub
  9. Makam / La Fun / Sushitech
  10. Martinez & Matthias Tanzmann / Ooh I Don't Know / Moon Harbour


  1. Adam Beyer / Something good to die for / Mad Eye
  2. Gary Beck / Semillon / Soma
  3. Hermanez / Soleil / Quartz Rec
  4. / First Talk / mobilee
  5. Justus Kohncke / 2 after 909 / Kompakt
  6. Jay Lumen, Cosmophunk / Yes / Dataworx Digital
  7. Rejected / Peanuts / Figure
  8. Channel X / Mosquito / Upon You
  9. Pan-Pot / Diamonds Head / mobilee
  10. Pan-Pot / The Birds / mobilee

Ralf Kollmann

  1. Rodriguez Jr. – Kids Of Hula – Leena
  2. Nima Gorji – Gamma – Murmur
  3. Moodymann – Freaky MF – Catz N Dogz Edit
  4. DJ Sneak – Afternoon Delight – Magnetic Rec
  5. Style Of Eye – The Race ep – Dirtybird
  6. Jay Tripwire – Control – Poker Flat
  7. Vivanco & Venegas – La Reina – Supernature
  8. Reflections In Plexiglass vs. Losing Control – J. Martin Edit – unreleased
  9. Russ Gabriel – Parsec – Leena
  10. Dan Curtin – Other – mobilee

Rodriguez Jr.

  1. Motor City Drum Ensemble / Raw Cuts #5 / Faces Records
  2. Jacek Sienkiewicz / Modern Dance / Recognition
  3. Paul Brtschitsch / Three Weeks (Anja Schneider Remix) / Rootknox Music
  4. Alexkid & Rodriguez Jr / Jeri Call / Unreleased
  5. Reboot / El Loco / Cecille
  6. Stefan Goldmann / Yes To All / Cocoon Recordings
  7. Dan Curtin / Other / mobilee records
  8. Chaim / We Do / BPitch Control
  9. Alexkid / Dubs And Echo Tales / Cadenza Split Compo
  10. Rampa / Wife / Keinemusik

Russ Gabriel

  1. Dan Curtin / The Sandwalk / Mobilee
  2. Limacon / This / Auralism
  3. Andre Lodemann / Vehemence of Silence (MCDE Remix) / Room With A View
  4. Roberto Bosco / Login Exact / Mowar
  5. Russ Gabriel / Parsec / Leena
  6. Sebrok / Cheap and Awesome / Minisketch
  7. 8 Channels/Jay Tripwire / Control / Poker Flat Digital
  8. Dynamodyse / Shelter EP / We Play House
  9. Quince / Sleepwalker / Music Man
  10. CRC / Vaskitsaherra (Convextion Remix) / Curle

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