The weather may have taken a turn for the worse, but the spirits in the mobilee office certainly haven't and we have a lot of exciting news to share with you.

This month we take a look at the debut album from GummiHz 'Sleepless Nights', which has brought us into the new season creating a storm, as well as look back on the end of the summer parties with reports from Saturday Adventure Club. We are finishing this year on a high with a new release from Sebo K 'Spirits', as well as an excellent collection of remixes of Pan-Pot's Confronted for you to enjoy!

mobilee says enjoy!

mobilee News

¬ Electronic Music Champions League

Our friends from minus once again organized this big fun soccer tournament last month in Berlin. It was the first time that mobilee took part with it´s own team alongside BPitch, Watergate, Weekend, Clink, Beatport, Native Instrument and minus of course. We didn´t win this year, but we were looking sexy and we already started to train for the next cup.

Some impressions... Thanks to Clink, Camea and Del Hoffman for the photo gallery.


¬ Martin Landsky joins mobilee

The mobilee booking team is very excited to announce that they have a new artist on their roster. They are now looking after Martin Landsky, a highly esteemed member of the Poker Flat family. His new 12" on Poker Flat is coming out next months and he just finished a remix for Pan-Pot´s "Confronted". An official introduction is coming in our next newsletter but for now ... welcome Martin!


Pan-Pot performing at saturday adventure club

¬ Saturday Adventure Club in motion

For those of you that couldn't join us at the Saturday Adventure Club this year, along with m_nus, Desolat and Innervisions, it was a great party and we danced the summer out in style. Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot, Rodriguez Jr. Live, Hector and Marcin Czubala Live all sent the Postbahnhof dancefloors into a frenzy. Here are some videos for you to check out and witness the mischief we got up to ...

More youtube videos from SAC


¬ Sebo K mixes Watergate 04

Sebo K keeps the standard high with his mixing and composition skills in the 4th installment of Berlin's Watergate Compilation. Following the footprints of Onur Ozer, Sascha Funke and Konrad Black, he delivers a deep mix spiced up with some exclusive tracks and remixes from DoP and Koljah & Oliver Deutschmann. The mix also features one of his own productions, a solid remix of Martyn's 'Elden St.', which is definitely one of the highlights of the compilation. Talking of his own productions, watch out for the end of the year as in December Sebo will be releasing mobilee 060 'Spirits'!



¬ Hectors releases some 'Party Guilt' with The Royal We

The Royal We super group, comprised of house titans Hector, Seth Troxler and Shaun Reeves, have released their debut track 'Party Guilt' and it's a killer! The track, from the group that also go by the name of Los Vatos, has been featured on a number of mixes including some on Radio 1 and is causing a stir. Talking about party girls that take and never give, the lyrics get you thinking of who you know whilst the fluttering funky bassline keeps you moving.

Proving he's a busy bee, Hector has also remixed Kabuto & Koji's next single, out now on Supernature. He pushes the track into a more percussive, driving direction with his “Yes Kidder, I See You” rework, injecting a carnival vibe while still retaining the bottom heavy feel of the original. An artist on the rise himself, his remix shows why.


The Royal We on
Kabuto & Koji "Yes Kidder, I See You EP" on


¬ next up on mobilee

After the success of 'Confronted' by Pan-Pot and Dan Curtin's 'Other', mobilee are set to see the year out with a bang, before starting fresh for a big 5th anniversary year. December witnesses a new release from Sebo K 'Spirit' and also a collection of remixes of Pan-Pot's 'Confronted' by reputable artists including Slam, Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlbäck, Dapayk and Martin Landsky. To celebrate their 5th birthday in 2010 there are a number of big releases scheduled, kicking off with's unique interpretation of the Back to Back series in volume 4, where he has used a live band to reinterpret some of our most loved mobilee releases.


¬ mobilee touch mix gets an update

The mobilee touch mix dj application has been such a success we decided it was time to present you with an update. Since it's initial release lot of you enjoy having something to play around with on your iphone and we want to make sure you are playing with the latest mobilee releases including Pan-Pots' 'Confronted', And.Id's 'First Talk' and Dan Curtins' 'Other'! check out the new video above where we mix in some of the new tracks ...

download the mobilee touch mix in the itunes app store

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Special Feature

¬ GummiHz Sleepless Nights

GummiHz's debut album, 'Sleepless Nights', has been a big project for artist Alex Tsotsos both personally and professionally. Whilst he addresses sensitive topics, he also explores new technical methods, including recording his own singing voice, which results in a very powerful release. As you can read in the interview below, spinning tracks and djing is where his real passion lies, so we also had to ask him to bring that energy to the mobilee podcast series and show us what he's made of. He hasn't let us down!

Listen to the album, the mobilee podcast with an exclusive DJ-Set and read the short interview with GummiHz below. Part 2 of our monthly podcast contains a live mix of the album tracks for your listening pleasure.

mobileedigiLP01 - GummiHz - Sleepless Nights by Mobilee records --> Buy now at JunodownloadBuy now at beatportBuy now at Whatpeopleplay


¬ five Questions with GummiHz

This is the second time you have worked with a vocalist for your tracks on mobilee. Can you tell us a bit about the incredible voices of Emena and Malena?

It was one of my aims to have a couple of songs with vocals, each one in a different direction. So I spent some time looking for singers and met up with Malena Perez. Malena is a very sweet person and a creative singer. She has worked with a few producers on different musical styles and it was very exciting to see how experienced she is in using her voice as an instrument. It didn't take us a long time to record the right voice, as she is very professional in her art. Emena is an alter ego I am using for the first time in a track, quite a sensitive guy I must say! (laughs) I had initially recorded the vocal myself as a draft for a singer to listen to and work on, but I ended keeping it instead. The emotion in the voice is strong and it's under heavy "make up". It really captures the right feeling for the song.

How much effort does it take to use your own voice - have you had any singing experience before? How do the closest people around you (family and friends) react to you singing?

I think it really depends on how one can feel the mood and energy of a song. Having a good voice to sing and really making a song your own are miles apart. I noticed that character and attitude also play a very important role in finding a good vocalist. Singing is a very intimate form of expression and I must say it's something I enjoy doing at times. I haven't had any special training, I just have a passion to express myself and reach out. It's not something I do often, I only sing in the studio rarely and sing over favourite songs at home. It's quite funny that I played one of the tracks with my voice to friends and a few people asked me about the singer. When I told them about it they where quite surprised. I must say I am very curious to see how people will respond, as it's the first time I have used my voice for a song.

Did you write the lyrics by yourself? 'Love Call' tells a story that everyone who has been in a relationship before knows about - how much autobiographical truth is there in these lyrics and if they are very personal to you, is it strange to see how people react to them?

Yes, I remember recording the vocal first and then playing it over to write down the lyrics so I could remember them. It was during a sensitive period in my life when I was quite charged emotionally and really needed to release this energy through a song. I am interested to see if people can connect with the song. Can you understand what "Love Call" is about?! (laughs)

In the past, there have been very specific GummiHz stylistic traits in your music ('Gummi moments!') - amongst these were special hypnotic, elastic and percussive vibes. How do you think your style has changed and how do you think you have developed as an artist - especially with this album?

As a person I am influenced by various music styles. Especially within dance music. I have always been listening to different sorts of house and techno. I feel I am more experienced now having produced a few records, in putting an idea in the right context and really developing my production method. I always try to be honest to my ears and produce what I would like to listen to in record stores and clubs. It's my own translation of modern dance music, sometimes more techno and sometimes more house. In my eyes it's important to be diverse and to manage to deliver to your audience and try to reach out to more. On top of this, I don't want people to be able to predict how a Gummihz record will sound. Only partly, as there has to be some surprise to it also.

Are you planning on performing live in the near future and do you think you could sing in these live shows in front of lots of people?

Performing live is an attractive idea I have had for some time, but my passion for djing is and always has been more intense. I find the dj performance more suitable for me as I can be even more diverse than if I was only working with the directions of my own music. I have some experience, as I have performed live on a couple of special occasions in the past, but the turntables are my favourite tools for performing. Maybe in the future and under the right circumstances I will explore this side of performing more or even make a few special live appearances to promote the album. We'll have to wait and see.


¬ mobilee Podcast 011 - GummiHz

mobilee podcast 011 - dj mix by GummiHz

Bonus: Sleepless Nights album mix


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on the road with mobilee

¬ Miss Jools' 'My Mexican Love Affair'

Miss Jools recently went on tour in Mexico and here are some of her stories from the trip.


Bar Americas in Guadalajara was a lot of fun,,really cool venue and just as cool, friendly people. It takes a while to get used to being actually behind the bar whilst playing..A truly intimate affair with the crowd and bar staff! also highly dangerous to be so close to the Jagermeister dispenser! was hell ... ;-D Had a great time with the resident djs Pinto and Axer, and the crowd were super friendly and supportive. Great night!

Playa Del Carmen

My mini break whilst on tour to Playa Del Carmen was a trip to paradise .. from my unique apartment that was built inside a natural cave to the most amazing beaches and warm waters ... to the wonderful charming locals I got to meet .. I recommend to go to Bang Bar and get your two margaritas for the price of one ;-) whilst lazying on a sofa bed on the beach ... I fell in love with Playa Del Carmen

Mexico City

Saturday at Nekthar for the 1st Anniversary of FSM magazine in Mexico city. Once again left with a warm heart from the amazing hospitality from the promoters and the people i met at the party.. was lucky enough to also be taken by the girls on the last day (thanks gely and xochti!) to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, one of the most fascinating places I have been lucky enough to visit.. It’s true what they say about the energy you can feel at the top of the Pyramid of the sun..but you need enough energy to walk up the stairs in the first place!

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mobilee at the Clubs


  • – Tube / Belgrade / SB
  • Miss Jools – Juice / Bergamo / IT
  • Pan-Pot – Palais / Munich / DE
  • Rodriguez Jr. – Modern Factory / Angers / FR


  • – T-Bar / London / UK
  • Anja Schneider – mobilee @ Reset Club / Reggio Emilia / IT
  • Miss Jools – mobilee @ Reset Club / Reggio Emilia / IT
  • Hector – Different Language / Hull / UK
  • Pan-Pot – Bitersweet INTIM @ Speicher Club / Rostock / DE


  • Pan-Pot – Pygs Will Fly @ Pygmalion / Dublin / IE


  • Anja Schneider – mobilee @ T-Bar / London / UK
  • Hector – mobilee @ T-Bar / London / UK
  • Dan Curtin – mobilee @ Gegenkultur / Berlin / DE
  • Miss Jools – mobilee @ Gegenkultur / Berlin / DE
  • Pan-Pot – Weekend / Berlin / DE
  • Ralf Kollmann – Voodoo Lounge / Johannesburg / SA


  • Anja Schneider – DTD / Kiskunhalas / HU
  • GummiHz – Club Pompadour @ Pratersauna / Wien / AT
  • Pan-Pot – Douala / Ravensburg / DE


  • Anja Schneider @ Kontrollverlust / Neu Brandenburg / DE
  • Dan Curtin @ Kontrollverlust / Neu Brandenburg / DE
  • Exercise One – Club Centrum / Erfurt / DE
  • Marcin Czubala – Sala Fonica / Palma de Mallorca / ES
  • Martin Landsky - Basel City Studios / Basel / CH
  • Pan-Pot - Klarsicht / Falkensee / DE
  • Ralf Kollmann – Origin Club / Durban / SA


  • Marcin Czubala – Cute / Poznan / PL


  • Anja Schneider – Blechnerei / Konstanz / DE
  • Pan-Pot (Tassilo) – Blend Club / Athens / GR


  • – mobilee @ Kugl / St. Gallen / CH
  • Anja Schneider – mobilee @ Kugl / St. Gallen / CH
  • Exercise One – Zwergenaufstand @ Ritter Butzke / Berlin / DE
  • Martin Landsky - Poker Flat @ Watergate / Berlin / DE
  • Marcin Czubala – Rabid Festival / London / UK
  • Pan-Pot – Pocket Club / Neu Ulm / DE
  • Rodriguez Jr. – La Mez / Besançon / FR


  • Anja Schneider – The Tube / Belgrade / SR
  • Pan-Pot – Wilde Glocke @ Gusswerk / Salzburg / AT


  • Anja Schneider – eg0 / Hamburg / DE
  • Pan-Pot – Studio 80 / Amsterdam / NL

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mobilee DJ-Charts


  1. B.D.I / City & Industry / Rush Hour
  2. Dan Curtin / Other / mobilee
  3. Franck Roger / Fall / Fr Productions
  4. Ribn / Whirl Cloud / Mule Electronic
  5. Acid Mondays / the First One / 2020Vision
  6. Alex Kid / Celi Dub / Rekids
  7. Lump / Lord Only Knows / Brut
  8. Roof Light / Around Here / Styrax
  9. Abyss / Keep on Tripping / Compost Black Label
  10. Andre Crom & Luca Dooble / Attica / Freerange

Anja Schneider

  1. Guy Gerber / Far Away, So Close / Supplement Facts
  2. Lee Curtis / Black Door Beauty / Spectral
  3. Dave Turov & John Selway / Jazz Hands / CSM
  4. Arado & Dan Isha / I Know / Desolat
  5. Kaspar / The Pressure / Bass Culture
  6. Acumen / NYC / Robotron
  7. Spencer Parker / I love Nobody Else / Area Remote
  8. DJ Madskillz / Surface / Bitten
  9. Radio Slave / Xxx (Daniel Stefanik Remix) / Rekids
  10. Kiki / Immortal (Anja Schneider Mix) / Bpitch Control

Dan Curtin

  1. Dan Curtin / Other / mobilee
  2. Samuli Kemppi / Orbiter / Komisch
  3. Demetrio Giannice / Talk Ep / Third Ear
  4. Russ Gabriel / Sat Vremena / Leena Music
  5. Sven Weisemann / Xine Zero / Wandering Music
  6. Nina Kraviz / Hotter Than July / Naif
  7. Catz 'N Dogz / Gotta Know / Get Physical
  8. Eddie Leader Feat. Red Eye / Brace Yourself / Hudd Trax
  9. Layo & Bushwaka! / Madagaskar / Olmeto
  10. Rampa / Wife / Keinemusik


  1. The Royal We / Party Guilt / Crosstown Rebels
  2. Matt tolfrey & D Ramirez / Bounce To Me (Lauhaus Remix) / Phonica Records
  3. Koji & Kabuto / Yes,Kidder,I See you (Hector Mexinger Z remix) / Supernature
  4. Gummihz / Love Call / Mobilee
  5. Anthea & Alex Celler / Down With G.O.D / Tunning Spork
  6. Pinto / Ichic / Blaq Records
  7. Lemos / Kaloo / Bass Culture Records
  8. Ribn / Cottbus / Ovum Recordings
  9. Classic Flowers / Wichflowers / Four Roses
  10. Alex Picone / Nana / Bosconi Records

Marcin Czubala

  1. Spencer Parker / You Got Me / Nrk
  2. GummiHz / Sleepless Nights / mobilee
  3. Little Fritter / Pandana Tree / Catwash
  4. Audiosun / Haven / Diapason
  5. Jotto / Great Idea / Sintope
  6. Kabuto & Koji / I Got Lost / Supernature
  7. Sis / You Want / Cocolino
  8. Markus Wesen / Kindergarten / Ohral
  9. Radio Slave / Orchestrating Maneuvers in the Dark ( & Patrick Lindsey Rmx) / Om Records
  10. Sascha Dive / Two Face / Raum Musik

Martin Landsky

  1. Paul Woolford / False Prophet / Intimacy Music
  2. Acumen / Nyc / Robotronic
  3. Chelonis R Jones / The Cockpit (Steve Rachmad Remix) / Systematic
  4. Berkson & What / Ghosts / Poker Flat
  5. Penner + Muder / Fish in a Drawer / Mood Music
  6. Lawrence / Don't Forget / Smallville
  7. Luca Lozano / Berlinetta / Dirtybird
  8. Dvs1 / Running / Klockworks
  9. Claire Ripley / Labyrinth / Dessous
  10. Burnski / Freaky (Martin Landsky Remix) / Morris Audio

Miss Jools

  1. Masomenos / Juhuu / Masomenos
  2. Miss Jools / Pixie in the Fridge / Catwash Hors
  3. Alex Kid / Mocco Dub / Cadenza Spilt Composition
  4. Jens Bond / Pictures in the Dark / Highgrade
  5. Gummihz / One Groove & Synth / mobilee
  6. Franco Bianco / Garchantes (Bearweasel Remix) / Hypercolour
  7. Dj Wild & Mr K / Heart in Hell / Bloop
  8. Jagged / Langenthal Ep / (Brothers Vibe Remix) / Quintessentials
  9. David K / Take It / Highgrade
  10. Justin Margovan / from the Beginning (Ekkohaus Remix) / Phobic


  1. Emanuele Inglese / Roulette (Mark Broom Remix) / Material
  2. Sei a / Chinese Whispers / International Deejay Gigolos
  3. Whomadewho / Keep Me in My Plane (Dj Koze Hudson River Dub Mix) / Gomma
  4. a.Mochi / Whiplash / Figure
  5. Jerome Sydenham / Tonto / Apotek Recordsv
  6. Ascion / Consciousness / Kiddaz.Fm
  7. Andre Winter / Dogma (Pan-Pot Rmx) / Ideal
  8. Rejected / Peanuts / Figure
  9. Alland Byallo / Oasiss (Bare Mix) / Nlm 19
  10. Marcus Meinhardt / Mad Max / Upon You

Ralf Kollmann

  1. Dan Curtin / Other / mobilee
  2. SIS / You want / Cocolino
  3. Gregorythme / Summer (Kabale & Liebe & Julien Chaptal Remix) / Cityfox
  4. Mathias Kaden / Studio 10 / Vakant
  5. Seth Troxler / Panic! Stop! Repeat! (Paco Osuna Rmx) / Spectral
  6. Selway & Turov / Jazz Hands / CSM
  7. Kabuto & Koji / Yes Kidder I See You / Supernature
  8. Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro / Black Shoes / mobilee
  9. Victor Vera & Mijail / Jungler / Darkside Digital
  10. Deepchild / Stripjoint Mathematics (Worthy rmx) / Anabatic Records

Rodriguez Jr.

  1. Gel Abril - Mono Kalipta / Be As One
  2. Einzelkind - Mama Pechona / Kindisch
  3. Alexkid & Rodriguez Jr - Jerri Call / Nrk
  4. Gummihz - Love Call Feat. Emena / mobilee
  5. Danny Fiddo & Affkt - Points (Radio Slave Edit) / Barraca
  6. Alexkid - Celi Dub Ep / Rekids
  7. Anton Pieete & Paul Ritch - Feeders Ep / 100% Pure
  8. Hakim Murphy - Black Robots Having Sex / Metamorphic
  9. Rodriguez Jr - Lila (Rodriguez Bamako Remix) / Boxer Rec
  10. Echonomist Feat. Dans Mon Salon - Sweat / Time Has Changed

Russ Gabriel

  1. Redshape / Globe / Delsin
  2. Owain K / Tall Cities Ep / 54 Music
  3. Russ Gabriel / Parsec / Leena
  4. Darren Nye / Moving Forward / Organica Music Labworks
  5. Future Veterans / Our Anarchy / Eevonext
  6. Falko Brocksieper / Adobe / Contexterrior
  7. Sven Tasnadi / Amour Fou / Moon Harbour
  8. Rene Breitbarth / Wave / Deep Data
  9. Dan Curtin / Other / mobilee
  10. Dubbyman / Green Sunday / Dpress Industries

Sebo K

  1. Sebo K / Spirits / mobilee
  2. Delano Smith / Deep Fundamentals / Mixmode Recordings
  3. La Pena / Enjoy Music / La Pena
  4. Venedikt Reyf feat. Suzi Q / Heroes / CDR
  5. D.I.Y. / Suck My Caulk / Tuning Spork
  6. Alex Picone / Mon Amour / Bass Culture
  7. Kai Alce / Polyester (Chez Damier Raw Mix) / Real Soon
  8. Brennan Green / My First House / Wurst
  9. Steffi / 24 Hours / Ostgut Ton
  10. Newworldaquarium / The Force (Âme Remix) / NWAQ

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