After a huge 2009 and with less than two months to go until we usher in what we expect to be a massive 2010, we at mobilee are spending the last moments of this year gearing up for what will be the perfect New Year's Day bash at T Bar in London! But before the big countdown begins, we still have a few tricks up our sleeve. This month Martin Landsky, the latest addition to the mobilee roster dishes dj's and food, we offer you a sneak peek of Back To Back Vol. 4, Sebo K pokes out of his shell with hot new release "Spirits", and to send the year off with a bang we're serving up a remix package of Pan Pot's "Confronted". And whilst "Black Shoes" is sweeping across dance floors worldwide, Argenis Brito and Miguel Toro take some time to offer a special 2009 send off live mix for mobilee podcast 012.

mobilee says enjoy!

mobilee News

¬ mobilee kick starts the New Year!

It's been one hell of a year, but 2010 is set to be even bigger especially since it will be the 5th anniversary of mobilee! To start it in style, we are throwing a party on the 1st January at T Bar in London with Anja Schneider, Hector and Marcin Czubala (live & dj set). Make sure you reserve some energy and come and celebrate with us!


T Bar website


¬ mobilee Back to Back tour 2010

Mobilee is back—or perhaps we should say back to Back to Back—with the fourth installment of its compilation and DJ-mix series. Since its inception, the Back to Back compilation has evolved significantly, with the second disc of each compilation presenting a unique take on mobilee's music. Back to Back Vol. 4, compiled and recomposed by and B.A.N.D., continues this evolution with a two-disc extravaganza that is unlike anything you've ever heard before. While Disc 1 compiles highlights from mobilee's discography over the past year, Disc 2 consists of jazz interpretations of classic mobilee tracks, all of which have been painstakingly recorded, arranged, and re-edited by

Release: 8th of February 2010.
Distribution by Word and Sound.

Book your tour date with and other mobilee artists for the Back to Back tour beginning in February 2010.


¬ Sebo K: Safety first

After burying himself in books for the past three years, Sebo K is about to hit the scene full-time. Resident Advisor's Ryan Keeling finds out what happens when school's out.

Resident Advisor interview with Sebo K.


¬ Anja Schneider remixes Kiki's Immortal

Unexpected coincidences lead to the most wonderful encounters when you move through the world with perked ears and opened eyes. For Bpitch's Kiki, this was just the case when he was reunited with old friends, also artists, who have each created their own unique interpretation of "Immortal", the second hit from his album Kaiku. one of these friends, our very own Anja Schneider, transforms Kiki's manic mood compelling title into a modern sounding hegemonic DJ-friendly house track.

Bpitch Control official website

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Freshly Squeezed on mobilee

mobilee059 - Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro - Black Shoes

Earlier this year Argenis Brito made his debut on mobilee in a feature appearance on “No News Today,” the single from Exercise One's album, In Cars We Rust. Now he's back and he's brought a friend: fellow Venezuelan Miguel Toro. This new collaboration between two of Cadenza's finest talents makes it's official debut on mobilee with “Black Shoes,” a cut that pops, crackles, and snaps like you'd never believe. OUT NOW!

mobilee059 - Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro - Black Shoes

Buy now at beatport



mobilee060 - sebo k - spirits

Sebo K's last release on mobilee, Diva, was a hit, and one of mobilee´s most popular tracks in 2008. Since then he's primarily stayed under the radar, popping up only momentarily to release a track on Cecille in July of 2009. With his new release Spirits, Sebo returns not only to mobilee but also to the sonic tropes that propelled him to success in the first place. RELEASE: NOVEMBER 30.

mobilee060 - Sebo K - Spirits



mobilee061 - pan-pot - confronted (remixes)

This past summer Pan-Pot made a mark with their first release on mobilee in quite some time entitled “Confronted”. For the Confronted Remixes we invited on board Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlbäck, Martin Landsky, Slam and Dapayk for their takes on Pan-Pot. RELEASE: DECEMBER 14.

mobilee 061 - Pan-Pot - Confronted (Remixes)


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Special Feature

¬ Introducing Martin Landsky

We are very pleased to introduce a new member to the mobilee bookings roster: Martin Landsky. Martin is a highly sought after DJ and at the same time a very well respected producer, to which his impressive discography gives evidence. We caught up with him in a short interview to find out a bit about how his career began, what music means to him and how he would describe a perfect meal.

Martin Landsky "We Are Streaking" (Poker Flat)

Martin Landsky has just released a new EP "We Are Streaking" on Poker Flat. As Beatport stated, it is "another fine example of why Mr. Landsky is one of the best and most exciting names in the underground". A mixture of tech house funk and soul, it's one to warm up the dance floor in these cold winter months and keep you dancing.


¬ five Questions with Martin Landsky

How long have you been deejaying for? How did you get started and how do you keep yourself motivated and inspired to carry on?

Uhhh ... it´s been ages. I started to dj as a very very young kid at private parties, which was way before house and techno was invented. Professionally, I have been doing it for 15 years at least. It’s hard to say what keeps me going, maybe the music? =) But actually when you are a dj for such a long time, you go through light and shade. It has not always been easy to keep myself motivated, but in the end I always come to the conclusion that this is really what I want to do. Music, and the effect it can have on people and their minds is so satisfying, every time. If only teleportation had been invented already ... travelling is really the one most exhausting aspect of djing, physically and mentally...

If you could make a chart listing the most important things in your life, where would music feature in the chart and what else would you include?

Music would definitely be very near the top of the chart, maybe not the number one though, as health and food are also quite important to stay alive. Music is the only thing in my life that has always been able to change my state of mind immediately. A certain song can make me happy when I am sad, or when I’m totally happy it can depress me so that I am on the verge of suicide. I can´t count the situations where music just made me cry like a river without any obvious reason. Music stimulates so many senses in me and not just my ears, it´s hard to describe, but I think I could almost live with music as my only friend...I know that might sound slightly pathetic, but that is honestly how I experienced music when I was young and I want to show and convince people of this elementary power that music is able to have (and I am not talking electronic music only here). However, back to the chart and before I get into real trouble...yes, my family, love, friends etc are also as very important to me...;-)

If you weren't living in Berlin, where in the world would you choose to live and why?

About ten years ago I chose Berlin as the place I wanted to be my home, and for good reasons. I really can´t think of another place at the moment where I´d like to live as much. Of course, there are many nice places all around the world where I am happy to stay for a while, but not to live. If one day I move away from Berlin, it will definitely be to a sunnier and warmer place, especially in winter times. The winter is actually the most annoying thing about Berlin....

Some people have said that to be a good dj is nearly the same as cooking a perfect meal. What has to be in your perfect meal?

Yes that´s a good comparison, as djing is not about one or two great records that you play, but rather about the impression the whole set leaves behind. In the same way as a good meal is not about the one perfect course but about the whole menu. A good menu should tell a story through ups and downs. It should satisfy all your senses, it should fill you and it should surprise you. If a menu makes you try something you would never have thought of trying since you always thought you wouldn't like it, and you end up enjoying it, then yes I would say “that was a perfect meal“! That´s the same with a good dj set - if it makes you dance, cry, scream, laugh and it surprises you with emotions from a particular kind of music you always thought wasn’t your cup of tea, yeah, hell that´s what I call a perfect dj set! ... and you will never forget a great meal or dj set for the rest of your life …

What projects have you got coming up in the future that we can look forward to ?!

Recently I have done a remix for Burnski´s "Freaky" on Morris Audio and also a new 12" on Poker Flat “We Are Streaking”. I have also done a remix for Pan-Pot´s burner "Confronted", which is going to be released on mobilee in December. I have some other tracks that are in progress for next year and right now I am working on a kind of album/compilation project for Poker Flat, which is still a secret, but will definitely see the light of day by February 2010.... Thank you very much... martin landsky


Martin Landsky on
Martin Landsky on Myspace

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mobilee Podcast

¬ mobilee Podcast 012 - Argenis Brito & Miguel toro

In celebration of their debut release on mobilee, "Black Shoes", Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro have given us a special live mix for mobilee podcast 012. As well as featuring tracks from their recent mobilee release including digital bonus track "Second Line", the mix also includes many unreleased treats from the Venezuelan duo, seemlessly put together in a high energy affair. Enjoy!


  1. Miguel Toro / Sylkyway / unreleased
  2. Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro / Second Line / mobilee
  3. Always Late / Miguel Toro / Cadenza
  4. Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro / Speech / mobilee
  5. Black Shoes / Agenis Brito & Miguel Toro / mobilee
  6. Agenis Brito & Miguel Toro / Millas / / mobilee
  7. Agenis Brito / Tortu / unreleased

Argenis Brito on Facebook

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on the road with mobilee

¬ Ralf Kollmann in South Africa

Ralf Kollmann hit the road this month, taking mobilee to South Africa with the Excuse The Mess crew! He played on the 30th October at Voodoo Lounge, Johannesburg, 31st October at Origin Club, Durban and finally Killer Robot at Fiction, Cape Town ... here are some notes and pictures from his adventures ...

"The London based 'Excuse The Mess' crew originally came up with the idea to bring mobilee to their motherland. We stopped in Johannesburg, Durban and the beautiful Cape Town. The Origin Club in Durban especially left a mark on my memory - beautiful people, an unstoppable party crowd and a crazy after hour until Sunday night in a luxurious villa with a pool and lots of laughs. I hadn't been sure what to expect from my trip to South Africa as it's a fairly new country on the ever-expanding DJ map, but I definitely had a blast and was stunned by the happening party scene. The history of the country was also really fascinating, and the nature and animals - unbelievable ! Many thanks to the ETM team and especially Coco Loco and the crew!"

Marcin Czubala at London's Rabid Festival

On Saturday November the 6th Marcin Czubala played at the Rabid festival in London and kicked out the jams!

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mobilee at the Clubs


  • Marcin Czubala - Cute / Poznan / PL


  • Anja Schneider - Blechnerei / Konstanz / DE
  • Pan-Pot - Blend Club / Athens / GR (Tassilo)


  • Anja Schneider & - mobilee @ Elektron at Kugl / St. Gallen / CH
  • Exercise One - Ritter Butzke / Berlin / DE
  • Marcin Czubala - Rabid Festival / London / UK
  • Martin Landsky - Poker Flat @ Watergate / Berlin / DE
  • Pan-Pot - Pocket Club / Neu-Ulm / DE
  • Rodriguez Jr. - La Mez / Besançon / FR


  • Anja Schneider - The Tube / Belgrade / SR
  • Pan-Pot - Wilde Glocke @ Gusswerk / Salzburg / DE


  • Anja Schneider - egO / Hamburg / DE
  • Pan-Pot - Studio 80 / Amsterdam / NL


  • Anja Schneider - Cafénancy / Karlsruhe / DE
  • Marcin Czubala - SQ / Poznan / PL
  • Martin Landsky - Romy S / Stuttgart / DE
  • Pan-Pot - Juice / Bergamo / IT (Canceled)


  • Marcin Czubala - Buoyancy / Bristol / UK
  • Pan-Pot - Fabric / London / UK


  • Exercise One - Lux / Lisbon / PT


  • - Boutique Club / Thesalonikki / GR
  • Anja Schneider - Pratersauna / Wien / AT
  • Exercise One - Via Latina / Coimbra / PT


  • Anja Schneider - bla bla @ Studio 80 / Amsterdam / NL
  • Exercise One - Gare / Porto / PT
  • Martin Landsky - Clubnacht @ Spielplatz Club / Mönchengladbach / DE
  • Miss Jools - Crystal / Cologne / DE
  • Pan-Pot - Amnesia / Milan / IT(Canceled)


  • Hector - Phonica @ Cable / London / UK


  • Pan-Pot - Weekend / Berlin / DE
  • Rodriguez Jr. - Woh Lab / Nimes / FR


  • Anja Schneider - Bug’s Night @ Baobab / Stasbourg / FR
  • Dan Curtin - Sub-Scape @ Café Capital / Antwerp / BE
  • Ralf Kollmann - Bar Morphine / Hamburg / DE


  • Dan Curtin - New Class / Mallorca / ES
  • Miss Jools - Villa / Berlin / DE
  • Anja Schneider - Régine Club / Paris / FR
  • Pan-Pot - Basel City Studios / Basel / CH
  • Rodriguez Jr. - Trouw / Amsterdam / NL


  • Anja Schneider - Café Atlantique / Milan / IT


  • Marcin Czubala - Juice / Bergamo / IT (Canceled)
  • Miss Jools - Bar 54 / London / UK
  • Pan-Pot - Muzik Zentrum / Hannover / DE


  • And.Id - Villa / Berlin / DE
  • Anja Schneider - Cityfox @ Alte Börse / Zürich / CH
  • Dan Curtin - Tresor / Berlin / DE
  • Pan-Pot - Sonic Project @ Kulthaus / Jüchsen / DE (Tassilo)

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mobilee DJ-Charts


  1. Peter Krüder / Before Night Falls / Compost Black Label
  2. Octave One / A World Divided (Octave One’s Jupiter II Mix) / 430 We
  3. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts / Safety Meetings / Musique Risquee
  4. GummiHz / Love Call feat. Emena / mobilee
  5. Argy / What Time Is It? / These Days
  6. Siopis / Really Love Ya / Get Physical
  7. Martyn / Elden St. (Sebo K Edit) / Watergate
  8. Mendo / Everybody I Got Him / Cadenza
  9. Audio Atlas / Guatemalla / Mathematics Recordings
  10. Jori Hulkkonen / Ridge over Troubled Forrester / Turbo

Anja Schneider

  1. Sebo K / Spirits / mobilee
  2. Guy Gerber / Far Away, So Close / Supplement Facts
  3. Pan-Pot / Confronted (Remixes) / mobilee
  4. Nina Kravitz / Pain in the Ass / Rekids
  5. Kiki / Immortial (Anja Schneider Remix) / B-pitch Control
  6. Robag Wruhme / Die Dub Rolle / Lampetee
  7. Pele / El Condor / Supernature
  8. Christian Smith / Air Miles (Dj Madskillz & 2000 and One Remix) / 100% Pure
  9. Guti / The Hustler / Desolat
  10. Equinox / Code 718 (Henrik Schwarz Mix - Dixon Edit) / Innervisions

Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro

  1. Wareika / Kings Child (Ricardo Villalobos remix) / Motivbank
  2. Edo Rinaldi / Madness / Afrosoup
  3. Digitaline / Seeking Attention / Cityfox
  4. Solomun / Cloud Dancer / Diynamic
  5. Shackleton / Next to Nothing (Guillaume & The Cotou Dumonts remix) / Crosstown Rebels
  6. Shinedoe / No Boundaries feat. Mr Bumpy (Martin Buttrich Remix) / Intacto
  7. Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro / Millas / mobilee
  8. Riva Starr / Black Cat, White Cat / Made to Play
  9. Matt Tolfrey, D Ramirez / Bounce to Me / Phonica
  10. Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro / Speech / mobilee

Dan Curtin

  1. Hakim Murphy / Nikki Muscles / Metamorphic
  2. Black Shoes / Argenis Brito and Miguel Toro / Mobilee
  3. Mihalis Safras / Inter Africa Remixes / Trapez
  4. Ed Davenport / My Paramour Ep / District of Corruption
  5. Roberto Bosco / Login Exact / Mowar
  6. Emerson Todd / Dr. Jurd / Get Digital
  7. Lerosa / Lovers Ep / Millions of Moments
  8. V / a / These Moments / Livejam Records
  9. I Led 3 Lives / Dragracing / Nublu
  10. Delano Smith / Deep Fundamentals / Mixmode Recordings

Exercise One

  1. Boys Noize / Jeffer (Modeselektor Remix) / Boys Noize Records
  2. Perc / Throb / Ovum Recordings
  3. Maetrik / Envy (Exercise One Remix) / Dumb/Unit
  4. Dewalta / Nightshade / Vakant
  5. Sascha Dive / the Get out of Ghetto Blues / Raum Musik
  6. Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro / Mobilee
  7. Sian / Vigil of the Crow (Exercise One Remix) / Octopus
  8. Alva Noto / Monophaser 2 / Raster Noton
  9. Miike Snow / Animal (Crookers Remix) / Jackalope Recordings
  10. Hudson Mohawk / Gluetooth / Warp


  1. Hector / Orale (Sis Love Mix) / Phonica Records
  2. Massimo Di Lena / Gypsytown / Cadenza
  3. Pagal, Mihai Popoviciu & Jay Bliss / Set You up / Level non Zero
  4. Iori / Urge / Phonica White
  5. Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro / Black Shoes / mobilee
  6. Alex Picone / Mon Amour / Bass Culture
  7. Room 10 / Maxwell (Horacio Remix) / Metroline
  8. Horacio / Durango / Cynosure
  9. Marcel Dettmann / Helix / Diamonds & Pearls
  10. Pinto / True Homs / Nëim

Miss Jools

  1. Benja / Paradose (Christian Burkhardt Remix) / Hive Audio
  2. The Junkies / Hear Say / Roots & Wings
  3. Miss Jools / Pixie in the Pocket (Chris Carrier Remix) / Catwash Hors
  4. Losoul feat. Fadila / Time Passes / Freak N' Chic
  5. Acumen / Letting Go (Alex Celler Remix) / Time Has Changed
  6. Masomenos / Juhuu / Welcome to Masomenos
  7. Cassy / Magnificant Cat Won't Do / Cassy
  8. Radio Slave / Cabin Fever Vol. 7 / Rekids
  9. GummiHz / One Groove & Synth / mobilee
  10. Mic Newman / 5” O Clock / Murmur


  1. Speedy J / Klave / Rekids
  2. Peace Division / Bodysonic / Peace Division
  3. Samuel L Session / My People / Be As One
  4. D.Ramirez & Matt Tolfrey / Bounce to Me (Lauhaus Remix) / Phonica Records
  5. Andre Winter / Dogma (Pan-Pot Remix) / Ideal
  6. Steve Bug / Zero Balance / Cocoon Records
  7. Toolman (Aka F.Grant) / Gold Bunny / Mbd
  8. Ali Nasser / Ooof (Leon Remix) / Soweso Record
  9. Dj Madskillz / Surface / Bitten
  10. James What &Dan Berkson / Ghosts / Poker Flat Recordings

Ralf Kollmann

  1. Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro / Second Line / mobilee059
  2. Martyn / Elden St. (Sebo K Edit) / watergate records
  3. SIS / Der Schlüsselmeister / Cecille
  4. Johnny D / Point Of No Return / Oslo
  5. Guido Schneider & Jens Bond / Eijeijei / Highgrade
  6. Marcin Czubala & Hugo / xxx / mobilee
  7. Lauhaus / Temple Balls / Remote Area
  8. Sebo K / Spirits (Drum Version feat. Max Moya) / mobilee060
  9. Taron-Trekka / Shiroi / Freude Am Tanzen
  10. Kruse meets Mutant Clan / Malbec / Terminal M

Rodriguez Jr.

  1. Solomun / Cloud Dancer (Club Version) / Diynamic
  2. Nathan Drew Larsen / Gotahavejor Love (Wasted Chicago Youth Remix) / Fresh Meat
  3. The Machine / Fuse (Dixon Remix) / Innervisions
  4. Miguel Toro & Argenis Brito / Speech / mobilee
  5. Alexkid & Rodriguez Jr / Jerri Call / Nrk
  6. Anton Pieete / Encore / Remote Area Records
  7. Clark Davis / Access / Fassade Records
  8. Steve Lawler / Hocus Pocus (Radio Slave's Mole People Mix) / Viva Music
  9. Luciano / Celestial / Cadenza
  10. Jose James / Blackmagic (Dop Remix) / Brownswood Recordings

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