Issue 17 - April 2010

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Spring has finally arrived, bringing with it the highly anticipated new album ‘Lifeblood’ by Dan Curtin. Anja Schneider, Sebo K and Pan-Pot rocked it at WMC turning up the heat all over town, and then carried the vibe across the US for a mini tour. Check out photos and videos below…

Freshly squeezed sounds come from Acumen and Alejandro Vivanco on Leena, And.Id on mobilee, as well as a brand new podcast from Rodriguez Jr. Watch out for the mobilee night at Panorama Bar on the 30th April and our special Sonar package 2010… enjoy!

1. mobilee news
2. mobilee podcast 14: Rodriguez Jr.
3. freshly squeezed on mobilee
4. dj charts april
5. mobilee at the clubs
6. mobilee artists
mobilee news

Dan Curtin 'Lifeblood' - out now!

When an artist, as highly renowned as Dan Curtin, decides to make a new album AND he chooses to release it on mobilee records, it’s definitely time to celebrate! As his first album in three years and his ninth in total, it’s a highly anticipated release by a technical master and creative force, and one that was well worth the wait.

Listen to the album and Dan Curtin's Little White Earbuds & Ibiza Voice podcasts

five questions with ... Dan Curtin

On the arrival of his ninth album ‘Lifeblood’, we caught up with Dan Curtin for a quick chat about the release, his own label Metamorphic and what you can find digging through his record collection …

“The “Lifeblood” is the flow of life energy, emotion, and consciousness that is constantly in motion between all life, and I wanted to tap into this and draw on it as my inspiration for the music on the album.”

Read the interview with Dan Curtin

mobilee at Panorama Bar 30.04.2010

The May Bank Holiday is around the corner and with the first signs of Summer appearing, the party atmosphere in Berlin is building. This year mobilee are going to set it on fire with a label showcase at Panorama bar on Friday 30th April with Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot, Dan Curtin Live, Ralf Kollmann and And.Id Live. It’s also the opening of the Panorama Bar garden, so it’s going to be a stylish kick-off to the mobilee 5 Years Anniversary celebrations!

More about mobilee at Panorama Bar
The Event at Resident Advisor

mobilee at Sonar 2010 ...
get ready!

mobilee´s annual rooftop parties at Barcelona´s Hotel Silken Diagonal have been a debaucherous staple of the Sonar Festival calendar since 2007. This year will be no exception, and to celebrate our 5th birthday, we have put together a special limited hotel/party package offer that will take your Sonar experience one step further, save some precious euros and give you access to all the action. Join us for a 3 day Sonar adventure!

Read everything about the event and book your accomodation now

mobilee in the US 2010

As well as rocking dance floors, boats and pools at WMC 2010, the mobilee dream team of Anja Schneider, Sebo K and Pan-Pot continued the party on throughout April on a mini US tour, visiting fans in New York, L.A and San Francisco. Check out some of the photographs and videos they collected on the way, and you can also listen to Pan-Pot’s set from the Blk Market warehouse party in New York …

See the image galleries and listend to Pan-Pot's set

Pan-Pot nominated for Beatport Awards 2010

It’s been a busy start to the year for Pan-Pot .. as well as touring Asia and the US, they have released remixes on Cocoon and Paragraph, and now they have been nominated as Top Minimal Artist on Beatport Awards - go boys!

Vote for Pan-Pot as best minimal artist on Beatport!
Listen to the Pan-Pot remixes on

mobilee podcast

mobilee podcast 14:
Rodriguez Jr.

Our favourite Belgium-based producer has stepped up to the helm for the next installment of the mobilee podcast series. A prominent member of the Leena music catalogue, with successful releases “Rubbo Swing” and “Kids of Hula”, he’s a highly reputable artist and producer. 2010 has already witnessed big things from him, such as “Jerri Call” with Alex Kid on NRK records as well as a handful of remixes including one for Dominik Eulberg on Traum records and Holger Zilske on Playhouse, and we’re very excited to announce that next month he’ll debut on mobilee records with ‘Princess Guacamole’.

Listen to mobilee podcast 14: Rodriguez Jr.

freshly squeezed

And.Id - I Will Be There

And.Id is an artist whose musical talents are impressively far-reaching, as his recent installment of the Back to Back series with jazz interpretations of mobilee classics powerfully brought to everyone’s attention. Exclusive track “She Was There” was a bomb, and now “I Was There” follows suit … but the question is where are they? The dance floor, which is where you will want to be when you spin this … Enjoy!

Listen to And.Id - I will Be There - mobilee065

Acumen - The Guardian

Many people know Antoine Garcin for the two very successful labels he runs, Time Has Changed and Time Is Now, but you would be wrong in thinking these were the only strings to his bow. In fact, he has many, and being a talented producer is one of them as Richie Hawtin recognised when he praised him as the best breakthrough producer of 2009. With many releases to boast under his artist name ‘Acumen’, which have been put out by labels including Diynamic, Upon You, as well as his own imprints, he is now gracing Leena music with his presence for his latest EP “The Guardian”.

Listen to and buy Acumen - The Guardian - Leena015

Alejandro Vivanco - Roots EP

Continuing with the label’s tradition of variety and impeccable standards, Leena 014 witnesses another new artist joining the roster, Alejandro Vivanco, who’s release “Roots” is the perfect compliment to its predecessors. Unlike the bold arrival of Hermanez’ “Necotine”, however, “Roots” demonstrates a slightly more subtle entrance, with rising chords that gradually build to create a head spinning frenzy … a perfect peak time moment of madness that is seemingly never ending.

Listen to and buy Alejandro Vivanco - Roots EP - Leena014

Charts April 2010

Anja Schneider

1. Guy Gerber & P. Diddy - My Heart - Interscope
2. Ame - Fiori (Dixon Edit) - Innervisions
3. Bibio - Lovers (Catz & Dogz Edit) - CDR
4. Daniel Stefanik - Untitled - mobilee
5. Dinky - Paquita - Horizontal
6. Luna City Express - Mr. Jack
(Robag's Edna Mompf Remix) - Moon Harbour
7. SIS - Worste Forste - Cocolino
8. Oleg Poliakov - Caravan - Bass Culture
9. Anja Schneider - Something Left - mobilee
10. Maayan Nidam - Merry Go Round - Wolf & Lamb


1. GummiHz - Basic Elements Pt.1 - Real Tone
2. Tom Trago - Voyage Direct - Out Takes - Rush Hour
3. Lil Louis & The World - Club Lonely (Dixon Edit)
4. Nikola Gala - the Process (Acid on Mix) - Rekids
5. Alejandro Vivanco - Roots - Leena Music
6. Morris T - Break of Dawn (Jerome Sydenham Main Dub) - Rebirth
7. Big Strick - Old E 800 (Omar S Remix) - FXHE
8. Alexander Ross - Continental Drift - Deeply Rooted House
9. V.A - Locked in the Studio Pt.1 - Studio Soulrock
10. Aaron Carl - Wallshaker - Millions of Moments

Dan Curtin

1. Big Strick - 100% Hustler (Omar S Remix) - FXHE
2. Alejandro Vivanco - Roots EP - Leena Music
3. Cobert - Relajesa Cerca del Mar - Prosthetic Pressings
4. DJ Bone - Sunday Morning - Sect
5. Aaron Hedges - Transparent Motives
District of Corruption
6. Fog - Playin' Low - Autoreply
7. Och - Stops Out - Stuga Muzik
8. Ford & Zip - Clean Hands - Pal SL 10
9. Luna City Express - Mr. Jack (Catz n Dogz Remix)
Moon Harbour
10. Audion - Push Me - Spectral

Exercise One

1. Peter Van Hoesen - Republic - T2X
2. Donato Dozzy & Exercise One - People Of Paprika
Lan Muzic
3. Robert Hood - Omega (End Times) - M-Plant
4. The Black Dog - Nothern Electronic Soul (Claro Intelecto Remix) - Soma
5. UR - Post Emancipation Psychosis - UR
6. Matthew Herbert - Manchester - Accidental
7. Function & Jerome Sydenham - Two Ninety One - CLR
8. Pherox - Crack Of Dawn - Dumb Unit
9. Dan Curtin - Free - mobilee
10. Cobblestone Jazz - Sun Child - !K7

Marcin Czubala

1. Tiger & Woods - Out of Bounds - Editainment
2. Sascha Dive - Jus Groove - Tsuba Colours
3. Unders & Soares - Arabisch (Alejandro Vivanco Remix) - Sound Architecture
4. Butch & Virginia - Mass Appeal - Area Remote
5. Jayson Brothers - The Game - Drumpoet Community
6. Marcin Czubala - Spinning the Roulette - mobilee
7. Langenberg - Jalousie - Liebe * Detail
8. Chris Lattner - On & on - Phobic
9. & Keno - Can't Feel love - Sonido
10. Romano Alfieri - Thinking of you - Strictly

Miss Jools

1. Timid Boy - Yocaha (Miss Jools Remix) - Time Has Changed
2. Pupkulies & Rebecca - Burning Boats (Masomenos Remix)
Rotary Cocktail
3. GummiHz - Organ Talk - Real Tone
4. Bon & Rau - Cloverleaf Days - Smallville
5. Sascha Dive - Jus Groove - Tsuba Colours
6. Luna City Express - Celebration of Life
(Ray Okpara Remix) - Moon Harbour
7. Langenberg - Jalouise - Liebe Detail
8. Keinton - Strip Poker (GummiHz Reduced Mix) - Moscow
9. Matt Tolfrey & Chris Sylvester - Reality - Murmur
10. Jonny White & James Teej - Narcobalada (Chaton’s Bass Traxx Remix) - Perspectiv


1. Paul Harris, Alex Tepper - Terris (Len Faki Remix) - Rekids
2. The Martinez Brothers - Broke in the Box
3. Nu Frequency - Fallen Hero (MCDE Remix) - Rebirth
4. Julian Jeweil - Soda - Plus 8
5. Phil Kieran - Bob (Pan-Pot Remix) - Cocoon
6. Slam - Room 2 (Pan-Pot Bass Tool) - Paragraph
7. Slam - Room 2 (Pan-Pot Rave Tool) - Paragraph
8. Julian Jeweil - Soho - Cocoon Recordings
9. Cirez D - Glow (In the Dark Dub) - Mouseville
10. Martin Buttrich - Back it Up - Desolat

Ralf Kollmann

1. Rodriguez Jr. - La Cavalcade - mobilee
2. APM - Migrants (Radio Slave Remix) - APM001
3. Uto Karem - Body Move - minus
4. And.Id - Isalos - mobilee 5 years
5. MRI - Shaun - Resopal
6. Gemini - Crossing Mars - Planet-E
7. Alejandro Vivanco - La Hermandad - Leena
8. Ray Okpara - Brainows feat. Nikki - Soweso
9. DJ Sprinkles - Masturjakor (Kink & Neville Watson Remix) - Mule
10. Ike - Diskadenz - Philpot

Rodriguez Jr.

1. Nebraska - A Weekend On My Own - Rush Hour
2. Kink - E79 - Ovum Recordings
3. Micha Klang - Mother Mother - Room 9
4. The Martinez Brothers - Broke In The BX - Objektivity
5. The Big Crunch Theory - What To Say (Roman Fluegel Remix) - Versatile Records
6. Rodriguez Jr - La Cavalcade - mobilee Records
7. dOP - Lighthouse (Youandewan Dub) - Magicbag Music
8. Sascha Braemer - Club Foot - Dirtybird
9. Marc Romboy & Rodriguez Jr. - Lac De Nivelles - Systematic
10. Robag Wruhme - Robadella - Circus Company

Sebo K

1. Sascha Dive - Jus Groove - Tsuba
2. Larry Heard - Deja Vu (Musaria Remix) - Innervisions
3. Makam - Hide You Ep - Soweso
4. Vincent Halliburton - Something I Feel - Rush Hour
5. Ripperton - 1976 (Sebo K Remix & Original) - Perspectiv
6. Daniel Stefanik - Sidechain - Be Chosen
7. Oleg Poliakov - Besides - Bass Culture
8. Brett Johnson - Sensual Summation - Cynosure
9. RNDM - Uoah - Naif
10. Unknown - Unknown - Rootz 03

mobilee at the clubs
Date Artist Venue City Country
22.04.2010 Hector Bar Americas Guadalajara MX
23.04.2010 Exercise One Watergate Berlin DE
23.04.2010 mobilee @ Studio 80 Amsterdam NL
23.04.2010 Anja Schneider Zoom Club Nürnberg DE
23.04.2010 Marcin Czubala SQ Klub Poznan PL
23.04.2010 Pan-Pot Pratersauna Vienna AT
23.04.2010 Dan Curtin Lifeblood Album Tour @ Vaudeville Brussels BE
24.04.2010 Pan-Pot Fluid Bergamo IT
24.04.2010 Miss Jools Tresor Berlin DE
24.04.2010 Anja Schneider Basel City Studios Basel CH
24.04.2010 Sebo K The Hive Zürich CH
24.04.2010 mobilee @ Suxul Ingolstadt DE
29.04.2010 Anja Schneider bla bla @ Westerliefde -... Amsterdam NL
30.04.2010 Miss Jools Mikatronic Essen DE
30.04.2010 Sebo K Button Factory Dublin IE
30.04.2010 mobilee @ Panorama Bar Berlin DE
01.05.2010 Dan Curtin Lifeblood Album Tour @ Four Elements... Ancona IT
01.05.2010 Martin Landsky Velvet Gran Canaria ES
01.05.2010 mobilee @ Club Diablo Münster DE
02.05.2010 Exercise One T Bar / Marco London UK
02.05.2010 Pan-Pot Bread Butter @ Light Bar / Tassilo London UK
07.05.2010 Pan-Pot Joy Club Nimes FR
07.05.2010 Sebo K Rote Sonne Munich DE
08.05.2010 Exercise One Op Art Lisboa PT
08.05.2010 Rodriguez Jr. Sugar Factory Amsterdam NL
08.05.2010 Anja Schneider Inox Festival Toulouse FR
08.05.2010 Pan-Pot Green Mark Osnabrück DE
08.05.2010 Sebo K Rex Club Paris FR
12.05.2010 Pan-Pot Ideal @ Nightclub Hamburg DE
12.05.2010 Ralf Kollmann Pulstar @ Papierfabrik Cologne DE
14.05.2010 Pan-Pot Orange Club / Thomas Kiel DE
15.05.2010 mobilee @ Make P / Tassilo Gent BE
15.05.2010 Martin Landsky Su Casa Ulm DE
15.05.2010 Miss Jools Hacienda 2010 @ Smalands Nation Lund SE
15.05.2010 Rodriguez Jr. Batofar Paris FR
15.05.2010 Sebo K Panorama Bar Berlin DE
15.05.2010 Pan-Pot Pre-Reworks / Thomas Thessaloniki GR
15.05.2010 Marcin Czubala Suicide Circus Berlin DE
mobilee artists

Anja Schneider


Dan Curtin

Exercise One


Marcin Czubala

Martin Landsky

Miss Jools


Ralf Kollmann

Rodriguez Jr.

Sebo K


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