Issue 18 - May / June 2010

mobilee inside edition

We really can't believe it, but this summer marks five years of mobilee records! To celebrate in style, we have organised a 'Hi Five mobilee!' world tour so that we can party all across the globe, starting with our Mulletover friends in London this weekend. Next stop is Sonar, where we are hosting a label showcase, a boat party and two rooftop bashes.

And while you’re recharging between parties with your intravenous coconut water drips and vitamin b shots, we hope you enjoy our Hi five mobilee compilation. We have been stealthily producing a 16 track offering of new material from all of the mobilee artists that will be accompanied by a limited edition vinyl series. To whet your appetite for what’s to come, enjoy Ralf Kollmann’s podcast below, and put your hands up for a HI FIVE!

1. mobilee news
2. mobilee podcast 15: Ralf Kollmann
3. freshly squeezed on mobilee
4. dj charts may
5. mobilee at the clubs
6. mobilee artists
mobilee news

Hi Five mobilee! at Sonar 2010

In celebration of five years of memorable hits, riotous dancefloors, more hits, and a hell of a lot of fun, it only seemed fitting to organise a marathon of all-star events to keep the party going and 'Hi Five mobilee!'s' fifth anniversary in style!

There is nothing quite like dancing in the sunshine, which is why this year we are extending our traditional party on the rooftop of the Hotel Diagonal, and creating a three day series of spectacular 'Hi Five mobilee!' events to keep you entertained in the rays for days!

Hi Five mobilee! showcase at City Hall

On Wednesday 16th June, we invite you to join us at night for our official label showcase for Sonar 2010 at the City Hall where Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot, Marcin Czubala and Dan Curtin will be behind the decks and rocking the dance floor.

Get your City Hall tickets now on Resident Advisor

Hi Five mobilee! Boat

Then on Thursday 17th June, come and set sail with us to dance on the Spanish waters on the 'Hi Five mobilee!' boat with Guy Gerber, Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot, Ralf Kollmann, Marcin Czubala and Miss Jools. Get your dancing shoes and sailor outfits ready!

Tickets for the 'Hi Five mobilee! boat' are 75 Euros, and available exclusively on Resident Advisor

mobilee meets Diynamic at Hotel Diagonal

On Friday 18th June, we return to the Hotel Diagonal for the first of our parties on the rooftop, which we are hosting in conjunction with Diynamic. Daniel Stefanik, Stimming (live), Solomun, Marcin Czubala, And.Id (live) and H.O.S.H will all be playing:

mobilee meets Diynamic on RA

mobilee meets Supplement Facts at Hotel Diagonal

Make sure you save some energy for part 2 on Saturday 19th June, for the mobilee meets Supplement Facts party with Anja Schneider, Guy Gerber, Pan-Pot, Rodriguez Jr. (live), dOP and Varoslav:

mobilee meets Supplement Facts on RA

*Please note that the parties on the Hotel Diagonal rooftop are invitation only.

mulletover presents
Hi Five mobilee!

mobilee's 5 Year Anniversary,
Saturday 29th May 2010

The 'Hi Five mobilee!' tour has parties booked across all continents, with the infamous Mulletover party in London as the official kick-off event on Saturday 29th May. If you are in town for the May Bank Holiday weekend don't miss out on Anja Schneider, Sebo K, Rodriguez Jr (live) and Geddes, who will set the secret warehouse on fire for a night to remember.

Anja Schneider
Sebo K
Rodriguez Jr. live

Secret Location | 10.00pm til 5am

£8-14 adv from
Resident Advisor, Star Of Bethnal Green or Phonica Records.
Info: +44(0)7932 869705

Tickets will also be available on the door but get there early!

As a special treat, Anja Schneider made an exclusive mix for the Mulletover crew which you can check out here!
Listen to Anja Schneider's mix on mixcloud

Hi Five mobilee! - The Tour

The celebrations at Sonar are only the beginning to the 'Hi Five mobilee!' tour, as we will be taking it to every corner of the Globe!

In case you are in another part of the world and these parties are too far for you to travel, then don't worry as the 'Hi Five mobilee!' Tour will be bringing the fun to you! Each date is set with a different all-star line up of your favourite mobilee artists, check out the full listings here so far and come and party with us ...

29.05.10 Mulletover / London / UK w. AS, RJ, SK
02.06.10 Pratersauna / Vienna / AT w. AS, MJ, RJ
06.06.10 Grünanlage / Hamburg / DE w. AS, PP, EO
16.06.10 City Hall / Barcelona / ES w. AS, MC, PP
17.06.10 Boat / Barcelona / ES w. AS, MC, MJ, PP
26.06.10 Rote Liebe / Cologne / DE w. AS, RJ HC
23.07.10 Weetamix / Geneva / CH w. AS, PP, LV
24.07.10 KKH @ Militay Base / Eichof / DE w. AS, DC, EO
24.07.10 Loveparade / Duisburg / DEw. PP
02.10.10 egO / Hamburg / DE w. AS, MJ, SK
21.11.10 Zouk / Singapore / SG w. AS, PP
04.12.10 Silo / Liverpool / UK w. AS, DC, RK

If you are interested in being a part of the 'Hi Five mobilee!' tour and booking a special line up of mobilee artists, please contact the mobilee booking department at

freshly squeezed

Hi Five mobilee! -
The Compilation

We couldn't celebrate five years of mobilee records, without giving you some music to remember the landmark by! Since throwing good parties and making people dance is what we aim for, we work hard all year round to give you those hits that are picked up with delight and spun on dance floors across the globe.

So to mark this special occasion, we have put together a very special 'Hi Five mobilee!' compilation for you, featuring new and exclusive tracks from all mobilee artists. It will be released in a series of digital bundles throughout the Summer, with a limited edition collectors' series of vinyls. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the track listings for those must have pieces of 'Hi Five mobilee!' wax ..

Pre-listen to a track selection

Hi Five mobilee! Part 1

mobilee067 - release date mid june

A. Pan-Pot - Happy Birthday
B. Exercise One - Attendance

Digi Bonus Tracks
And.Id - Isalos
Vincenzo - Young Mountain
Hermanez - Seagull

Hi Five mobilee! Part 2

mobilee068 - release date end of june

A. Daniel Stefanik - Tripiando Los Colores
B. Marcin Czuballa - Spinning The Roulette

Digi Bonus Tracks
Rodriguez Jr. - La Cavalcade
Dan Curtin - Things That Go Funk
Anja Schneider & Lee Van Dowski - Shinkansen
Marc Antona - Cotton

Hi Five mobilee! Part 3

mobilee069 - release date mid july

A. Sebo K - Way Back
B. Anja Schneider - Something Left
feat. Cari Golden

Digi Bonus Tracks
Hector - Keep On
Miss Jools - Don´t Know You
Martin Landsky - At The Docks

mobilee podcast

mobilee podcast 15:
Ralf Kollmann

To wet your palette and get you in the mood, label owner and artist, Ralf Kollmann, has stepped up to the mix for the latest installment of the mobilee podcast. Ralf recently tore the dancefloor up at the mobilee showcase at Berlin's Panorama bar, surprising everyone with an extended daytime set. He'll be spinning again at the Sonar parties and he's also on his way now to California to rock with Dirtybird in San Francisco and Cadenza's Mirko Loco in L.A. next week!

Listen to mobilee podcast 15: Ralf Kollmann

Charts May 2010

Anja Schneider

1. Loco Dice - My Definition (Nic Fanculli Mix) - Desolat
2. Sebrok + Tassilo - Who Stole the Soul - Paso
3. Audiojack - Strenght in Numbers
(Catz & Dogz Mix) - Gruuve
4. Nic Fanculli - Caller Id - Bitten
5. Daniel Stefanik - Tripiando Los Colores - mobilee
6. Luna City Express - Mr. Jack
(Robag's Edna Mompf Remix) - Moon Harbour
7. Guy Gerber - Love Hate feat. Dawn - Supplement Facts
8. Franck Roger - Same Old Beat - Desolat
9. Solomun - Talk to the Hand - Leena Music
10. Samuel L Session - Can You Relate
(Anja Schneider Mix) - Soma


1. Moody Aka Moodyman - We Don't Care - KDJ
2. The Mole - Dreamer Keep on Dreaming - Music Risquée
3. Ekkohaus - Almost Definitely - Mule Electronic
4. John Dimas - Slit - Bass Culture
5. And.Id - Five - mobilee
6. Chris Carrier - Cabaret Des Belles Lettres - Robsoul
7. Rick Wade - Duke of Cologne - Yore
8. Chopstick & Johnjon feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner -
Keep on Keepin' on - Suol
9. Trush'me feat.. Amp Fiddler - Put It on Me - Fat City
10. Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts -
Radio Nevela feet. Dynamike - Circus Company

Dan Curtin

1. Kerri Chandler - the Thing for Linda 2010 - Downtown 161
2. Space Dimension Controller - Journey to the Core of the
Unknown Sphere - Royal Oak
3. And.Id - I Will Be There - mobilee
4. D'Julz - Second Hand Feet Ep - Ovum
5. Stacy Pullen - Alive - Black Flag
6. Acumen - The Guardian - Leena Music
7. John Swing - Funky Scratch - Relative
8. Seth Troxler feat. Matthew Dear - Hurt - Spectral Sound
9. Andre Galluzzi - Dana Ruh - Ostgut Ton
10. V/A - Secret Weapons Part Four - Innervisions

Exercise One

1. Caribou - Kaili - City Slang
2. Flying Lotus - Computer Face | Pure Being - Warp Records
3. Maetrik - So Real - Dumb-Unit
4. Donato Dozzy & Exercise One - People of Paprika -
Lan Muzic
5. Forward Strategy Group - Combat Code 01 - Perc Trax
6. Archie Bronson Outfit - Hoola
(Eric Brouceck Remix) - Domino
7. Szarpiesz Minerwa - the Same - Eq Recordings
8. Nico Purman - All That Glitters Ain’t Gold - Vacant
9. Fluxion - Prefuse - Echochord
10. Architectural - Same 2 - Architectural


1. Hector - Orale - Original - Phonica Recordings
2. Nico Lahs - Don't You Wanna Be - 8Bit
3. So Inagawa - Sputnik (Hector Remix) - Luna Records
4. Luna City Express - Diamonds & Pearls
(Matthias Kaden Smaragd Remix) - Moon Harbour
5. Hector - La Buena Onda - 8Bit
6. Anthony Collins - Un Rencontre Pas Banale -
Ibadan Records
7. Pinto - Cuadra - Neim
8. Rene Breitbarth - Brothers & Sisters - Mina Records
9. D´Julz - Second Hand Feet - Ovum
10. Pablo Cahn & Hector - Javanais - 8 Bit

Marcin Czubala

1. Actress - Splazsh - Honest's Jon
2. Henrik Schwarz and Kuniyuki - Once Again
(Kuniyuki Instrumental) - Mule Musiq
3. Soul Clap - Extravaganza - Wolf & Lamb
4. Efdemin - Chicago - Dial
5. GummiHz - Freaky - Real Tone
6. Nick Harris - Zap Dance - Nrk
7. Charanjit Singh - Raga Megh Malhar - Bombay Connection
8. Casa Sensitive - Experiment - All Inn Black
9. Luna City Express - Mr. Jack
(Robag's Edna Mompf Remix) - Moon Harbour
10. Rick Wade - Duke of Cologne - Yore

Miss Jools

1. Skudge - Melodrama - Skudge
2. Robert James - Sleep Moods (Dyed Soundorom Remix) -
Hot Creations
3. Dan Andrei - Four Sticks - Kurbits
4. Anthea & Alex Cellar - Sessy - Cecille Numbers
5. Timid Boy - Yocaha (Miss Jools Remix) -
Time Has Changed
6. Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts - Walking the Pattern -
Circus Company
7. Phono & Kemi - Tiger Tiger (Martinez Remix) - Highgrade
8. - Why Not Here - We Play Minimal
9. Alland Byallo - Rent - Dirt Crew
10. Soul Clap - Crazy Lady - Airdrop Records


1. And.Id - Five - mobilee
2. Watcha - Marascia - Noir Music
3. Carlo Lio - Giro Tondo - Monique Musique
4. Break It Down - Christian Smith - Tronic
5. Lusine - Two Dots (Nic Fanciulli Remix) - Saved Records
6. Wax - 30003 B - Wax
7. Radio Slave - N.I.N.A. - Rekids
8. Pupkulies & Rebecca - Burning Boats
(Masomenos Remix) - Rotary Cocktail
9. Martyn feat. Spaceape - Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Mix) -
10. Phil Kieran - Blood of Barcelona (Pan-Pot Remix) -

Ralf Kollmann

1. Pan-Pot - Happy Birthday - mobilee
2. Jackname Trouble - Light Again (Kink Remix) - Pets003
3. Paul Harris & Alex Tepper - Terris (Spencer Parker's A Gun For Hire Remix) - Rekids
4. Apm001 - Migrants (Radio Slave Remix) - Family Name
5. Reset Robot - Tu Cheekha - Roomba Music
6. Bibio - Lovers Carvings (Catz N Dogz Edit) - Bootleg
7. Seth Troxler - Hurt (Martinez Remix) - Spectral Sound
8. Arado & Den Ishu - Preacher Man - Remote Area
9. Luna City Express - Mr. Jack
(Robag's Edna Mompf Remix) - Moon Harbours
10. Daniel Stefanik - Tripiando Los Colores - mobilee

Rodriguez Jr.

1. Ripperton - 1976 - Perspectiv
2. The Mole - Oh My Stomach - Musique Risquée
3. DJ Koze - Blume Der Nacht - Pampa
4. Rodriguez Jr - Princess Guacamole - mobilee
5. Abyss - Amore - Sudbeat
6. Paolo Blanda - Barisceintro - She/It Records
7. Rodriguez Jr Vs Marc Romboy - Lac De Nivelles
(Glimpse Remix) - Systematic
8. Tiefschwarz feat. Cassy - Find Me - Souvenir Plus
9. Deetron - Collide - Green
10. Paul Woolford - Bloodline - Intimacy

Sebo K

1. Dennis Ferrer - The Red Room - Cdr
2. Brett Johnson - Sunny Dispositions Dub - Cynosure
3. Daniel Stefanik - Untitled - mobilee
4. Luna City Express - Mr. Jack
(Robag's Edna Mompf Remix) - Moon Harbour
5. Skudge - Skudge 02 - Skudge
6. Jt Donaldson - Getting up - Amenti
7. Zander VT - Trying Some More - Bpitch Control
8. Dop & Daniele Papini - Carte Blanche - Watergate
9. Wax - Wax 30003 - Wax
10. Je Davu & San Proper - Disco 2 Disco Edit - Raw Meat

mobilee at the clubs
Date Artist Venue City Country
25.05.2010 Ralf Kollmann Dirtybird @ Hyde 222 San Fransisco US
27.05.2010 Schlossgrabenfest Darmstadt DE
27.05.2010 Miss Jools Next DJ Girl @ Horst Berlin DE
28.05.2010 Miss Jools Damm Records vs. Mobilee @ Eventarena Spornitz DE
28.05.2010 Pan-Pot Salt & Pepper Pforzheim DE
28.05.2010 Ralf Kollmann Incognito & Friends @ Cadenza vs.... Los Angeles US
28.05.2010 And.Id Velvet Trikala GR
29.05.2010 Pan-Pot Mirano Brussels BE
29.05.2010 Hi Five mobilee! @ Mulletover London UK
30.05.2010 Sebo K Different Language Hull UK
02.06.2010 Hi Five mobilee! @ Pratersauna Vienna AT
02.06.2010 Pan-Pot Romy S Stuttgart DE
03.06.2010 Anja Schneider The Roof Top &at; Madinat Jumeirah Duabi UAE
04.06.2010 Pan-Pot UC Kino Bergen Bergen / Rügen DE
05.06.2010 mobilee @ Tanzhaus West / Tassilo Frankfurt DE
05.06.2010 Lifeblood Album Tour @ Fabric London UK
05.06.2010 Marcin Czubala Kulturscheune Wittenberge DE
05.06.2010 Anja Schneider Cityfox Zürich CH
06.06.2010 Marcin Czubala Tape @ Platinum London UK
06.06.2010 Dan Curtin Lifeblood Album Tour @ Pygmalion Dublin IE
06.06.2010 Hi Five mobilee! @ Grünanlage Hamburg DE
11.06.2010 Pan-Pot Bad Hannover DE
11.06.2010 Anja Schneider Club Air Amsterdam NL
11.06.2010 Sebo K Space - Terrace Ibiza ES
12.06.2010 Pan-Pot Soenda Festival Utrecht NL
12.06.2010 mobilee @ SQ Klub at Warehouse Poznan PL
12.06.2010 Anja Schneider Back to Basics Leeds UK
12.06.2010 14th Electric Delicate Birthday München DE
12.06.2010 Martin Landsky Progressive Daddy Moscow RU
15.06.2010 Anja Schneider Space Terrace Ibiza ES
16.06.2010 Hi Five mobilee! @ City Hall Barcelona ES
16.06.2010 Hi Five mobilee! @ Boat Party w/ Guy... Barcelona ES
17.06.2010 Pan-Pot Soma Records @ La Terrrazza Barcelona ES
18.06.2010 mobilee meets Diynamic @ Sonar Rooftop Barcelona ES
18.06.2010 Martin Landsky Deepbombay Special @ Fleischmarkthalle Karlsruhe DE
19.06.2010 Lifeblood Album Tour @ Efir Club St. Petersburg RU
19.06.2010 mobilee meets Supplement Facts Barcelona ES
20.06.2010 Miss Jools Tape @ Platinum London UK
25.06.2010 Sebo K Venus Manchester UK
26.06.2010 Hi Five mobilee! @ Rote Liebe Cologne DE
26.06.2010 Sebo K Gallery Bielefeld DE
26.06.2010 Pan-Pot Club Mania @ Sunny Beach Nessebar BG
mobilee artists

Anja Schneider


Dan Curtin

Exercise One


Marcin Czubala

Martin Landsky

Miss Jools


Ralf Kollmann

Rodriguez Jr.

Sebo K


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